Review: The new Ergon IP3 Solestar insoles, beneficial for every road cyclist

Patrick 03. July 2017

Even riders who don’t see any immediate need to use insoles for cycling should read this post. They make your pedalling more efficient and your ride more comfortable.

Insoles ensure that your foot moves into the neutral zero position. This is essential for optimum power transfer. The foot’s contact area is maximised, distributing forces evenly. Anyone should give insoles a try to experience their benefits.

Making a case for insoles

This is where the Ergon IP3 insoles come into play. Ergon is renowned for solutions that involve the touchpoints of body and bicycle, mainly saddles and grips. The rider’s feet and pedals were missing so far. Ergon joined up with insole specialist Solestar to fill the gap.  

Many professional riders rely on the German high-tech insoles from Berlin. Ergon uses their patented Stabilization-Delta technology, which brings the foot back into its neutral zero position, ensuring optimum power transfer and avoiding uneven strain on joints, tendons and muscles.

In theory this all sounded very well, but of course I remained sceptical. However, I decided to give it a try with my Fizik cycling shoes.

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First trial on the rollers

Before going out on a long ride, I first used the insoles on my rollers at home. I wanted to avoid any complications and be able to switch back immediately in case I ran into any problems or discomfort. However, the “wow effect” was impressive. After warming up for a few minutes with my regular insoles, I made the switch. First, nothing happened, all felt normal. Then I began riding harder and applying more pressure to the pedals. Interestingly enough, my knees did not give away anymore, but maintained the normal, straight motion.



On the road

Encouraged by these first positive results, I felt comfortable to go on rides. The results were sustained. Even when getting out of the saddle, I noticed that my knees performed a straighter motion without giving away towards the headtube on the down stroke. Although I did not have any major problems before, even my teammates made comments on my seemingly smoother pedalling motion. And of course, the aches after the rides were gone.



After a few weeks of riding, I decided to take the Ergon IP3 Solestar insoles to Mallorca for a training camp. I was not disappointed. Even after the longest rides, my knees and my position on my road bike felt great. The knee pain I had experienced did not reappear. The insoles kept their promise.

In addition, I appreciate the ribbed upper of the insoles as they ridded me of any sliding around inside the shoes. It takes a little getting used to the feeling under your feet, but then it’s simply great.

The shape of my cadence improved quite a bit.



My verdict

As I mentioned at the beginning, I didn’t really have any problems before using the Ergon IP3 Solestar insoles, but they have honestly made my riding experience even better, more comfortable and still more powerful. The light knee pains after long rides are gone and I do feel that they make my riding more efficient. It’s actually hard to imagine that I will ever go without them again.