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Review: the Ergon BA2 backpack

Rainer 01. February 2018

Having a backpack that fits right and doesn’t sway is important when riding the trail. The BA2 does a great job of staying put and having space for everything you need.

I’ve been riding Ergon products for years now, but the one thing I have never tried is one of their backpacks. So when the BA2 was released, I was excited to put it to the test. With a tour already planned, I packed my standard gear into the BA2 and began checking out its features.

The front of the Ergon BA2 backpack.

The front.

Fully packed Ergon BA2 Backpack.

Fully packed.

The Ergon BA2 backpack from the side.

From the side.

The Ergon BA2 backpack from the back.

From the back.


The Ergon BA2 has one main compartment with 4 inner pockets, a separate hydration bladder slot, a front pocket for tools and a pump as well as one hip pocket. Everything I need for a standard tour fit in fine, like my pump, extra tube, tools, water and energy bars. There was enough room left over for a jacket or similar so I was able to also fit in my large camera.

The Ergon BA2 backpack's main compartment has 4 inner slots.

The main compartment has 4 inner slots.

My standard gear fits in the Ergon BA2 backpack with room to spare.

My standard gear with room to spare.

Zippered inner pocket for valuables on the Ergon BA2 backpack.

.Zippered inner pocket for valuables.

The front of the main compartment of the Ergon BA2 backpack.

The front of the main compartment.


I was able to fit both my helmet and knee pads on the backpack as well. When riding up long uphill, strapping the knee pads under the backpack is a real life saver. I put my energy bars in the zippered inner pouch and my pump fit perfectly in the middle compartment. I stowed my multi-tool and air pressure gauge in a side pocket to keep them from flying around. Everything else I packed into main compartment, and my entire tour gear is shown below. 


The back of the backpack has tabs that allow the length of the backpack to be adjusted between sizes S and XL. The integrated aluminium lower back mould rail allows further adjustment to fit the individual rider’s back. The trapezoid shaped shoulder straps pull the back and bottom of the back pack to the rider to prevent any swaying, which is often a problem when taking corners. The hip belt is kept long for extra clothing and to fit various riders. It can be shortened as needed. If necessary, the BA2 also has space for a back protector.

The waist belt of the Ergon BA2 can be cut.

The waist belt can be cut.

Tightening the shoulder straps of the Ergon BA2 backpack.

The straps tighten around the body.

The chest strap is also adjustable on the Ergon BA2 backpack.

The adjustable chest strap.

The Ergon BA2 backpack can be adjusted between sizes S to XL.

The back length can be ajdusted with this strap from S to XL.

The waist belt of the ERgon BA2 has plenty of rooom.

The waist belt has plenty of room.

Attachment for action cams.

Attachment for action cams.

Practical features

On the outside of the helmet carrying slot, the BA2 also has a mount for action cameras. Another great way to film your trail friends shredding behind you. Of course, the BA2 has a slot for a hydration bladder like their HydraPak.

The ride

To the trail! When the BA2 is packed and adjusted, the firm back padding is noticeable at first. However, after a few minutes you get used to it and realize that it provides a secure and defined fit. The wind channel in the middle keeps the back cool and prevents sweating. The hip belt relieves the shoulders of any burden and keeps the neck from experiencing any pain.

Riding uphill, I often forget that I was even wearing a backpack.

When riding downhill with other backpacks, I felt like they were a foreign object hanging from my shoulders. The BA2 is exactly the opposite. It sits secure and steadfast without sliding around or shaking. This allows me to put all my attention into the trail.

Riding with the Ergon BA2 backpack.

Riding down.

The Ergon BA2 always keeps its shape.

It always keeps its shape.

The BA2 backpack by Ergon looks great.

Glamour shot!

Test passed!

After the ride, I hung up the BA2 and thought about how great it worked. For me a backpack needs to be large enough to carry my gear, but also compact enough to fit my body well. Like Ergon does with their other products, the BA2 is ergonomic to the last buckle.

See you on the trail!

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