The TyreWiz real-time tyre pressure monitor for bicycle riders.

First look: QUARQ’s new TyreWiz real-time tyre pressure monitor

Drew 20. April 2018

Adjusting tyre pressures is always a guessing game. With TyreWiz, dialing in the right amount is easy.

Tyre pressure is one of those questions that every rider asks themselves, whether riding Road or MTB. Trying to find the right balance of grip and stability when adjusting the pressure is almost impossible. Many MTB riders for example pump to the minimum and hope for the best grip, while Road cyclist just take it to the max, without thinking about how a little less air can affect the quality of the ride. To solve this, QUARQ has launched the first ever real-time tyre pressure monitor for bicycle riders: the TyreWiz.

The TyreWiz real-time tyre pressure monitor for bicycle riders.

Weighing only 10 g, it doesn't add much weight to your overall setup.

How it works

The concept behind TyreWiz is simple. You remove the Presta valve from your tubed or tubeless setup and screw in the sensors. To make this easy, a proper valve core wrench is included. The TyreWiz then, using Bluetooth as well as ANT+ technology, sends current tyre pressure information once per second to either your smartphone or compatible head unit. After collecting data and depending on the terrain you are riding, the TyreWiz recommends the tyre pressures you should be using.

Key Facts:

  • Data reports with +/- 2% accuracy at .1 PSI resolution
  • Uses CR1632 cell battery that lasts 300 hours
  • IPX7 dustproof/waterproof rating
  • Box includes two sensors and a valve core removal tool
  • Weighs only 10 g per sensor
The TyreWiz real-time tyre pressure monitor for bicycle riders.

Waterproof and 300 hours of run time. You can't ask for much more.

QUARQ’s TyreWiz is the perfect way to know exactly what pressure you should be riding when. It helps reach the perfect balance between grip and stability for both Road and MTB riders. No longer do you have to wonder if the pressures you are riding are too high or too low.