Review: the Endura Pro SL helmet

Theresia 17. May 2018

An XC helmet needs to protect, have top ventilation and be comfortable to wear. The Pro SL checks all these boxes and offers even more!

For my 2018 Cross Country season, I decided to try out Endura's Pro SL Road helmet. I know you might be thinking, a Road helmet for mountain biking?! However, this is totally normal among the race crowd. Road helmets are lighter, offer better ventilation and still have the protection needed in serious situations. The Endura Pro SL is especially good because it is outfitted with Koroyd® technology, which safeguards the head and brain even more. Along with other clever features, this helmet is perfect for my 2018 race season.

The Endura Pro SL Road / Cross / Cross Country Helmet.

The Pro SL looks good, is well ventilated and provides top protection.

Key Facts


Sizes 51-56 cm: S/M; 55-59 cm: M/L; 58-63 cm: L/XL
Weight 220 g (size S/M)
Application Road, Cross, Cross Country
Technology Koroyd® core
  • large ventilation ports
  • front eyewear dock
  • one-handed micro-adjustment fit system
  • antibacterial padding
  • lightweight design

Koroyd® Technology

When I’m racing, I only want to be focused on the track and not thinking about if things are going to hold up and this goes especially for my helmet. Because Endura added the Koroyd® technology to the Pro SL, it offers the highest level of protection when it comes to head and traumatic brain injuries. The honeycomb shaped core has the added plus of great ventilation, without letting in large insects through the ventilation ports.

The Endura Pro SL Road / Cross / Cross Country Helmet.

From the side.

The Endura Pro SL Road / Cross / Cross Country Helmet.

A ventilation port.

The Endura Pro SL Road / Cross / Cross Country Helmet.

The Koroyd® core.

On the trail

During my training camp in Finale Ligure, I tried the Pro SL for the first time. My head is 56 cm round so I went with the M/L size. Before riding, I adjusted the helmet to fit. The Pro SL has three positions that the micro-adjustment fit system can be set to. The positions adjust the angle of the helmet, letting each rider get the maximum protection. After finding the correct setting, the straps can be adjusted, which was very easy to do. The dial to tighten the micro-adjustment fit system was also great and quick to use.

The adjustment process is very important to make sure that the helmet fits correctly and can protect you!

With the proper fit, the helmet fest amazingly. The light weight and great ventilation, had me forgetting I even had it on. No matter how warm it is, it kept me cool and the Koroyd® tech tubes forced air directly to my scalp.

The Endura Pro SL Road / Cross / Cross Country Helmet.

The eyewear dock is my favourite feature.

The Endura Pro SL Road / Cross / Cross Country Helmet.

The adjustment system works perfectly.

Clever features

The padding of the Pro SL is very comfortable and can easily be removed and washed. On top of that, the eyewear dock really impressed me. My glasses fit perfectly and even when riding heavy technical sections during races, they stayed put. With other helmets, I often have the problem that the glasses push into my head, which can get pretty annoying, but with the Pro SL, I don’t even feel them. Definitely my favourite feature.

The Endura Pro SL Road / Cross / Cross Country Helmet.

Overall, the perfect helmet for my Cross Country races.

The perfect helmet

The Endura Pro SL helmet with Koroyd® tech is, thanks to its light weight and ventilation, very comfortable to wear. Small, but clever features like the adjustment system and eyewear dock show that it is a well thought out product. Even though the helmet is for Road and Cyclocross riders, I found it perfect for Cross Country use as well. Overall, it is the perfect helmet for my 2018 race season!