Topeak Bikepacking Taschen: MidLoader und BackLoader an Nicolai Argon CX

Review: Topeak MidLoader & BackLoader bikepacking bags

Sascha 31. July 2018

The MidLoader & BackLoader are top quality bikepacking bags at a great price!

Good weather is here, and that means it’s time to head out on a bikepacking trip! Of course to do it right, I needed a place to store all my gear and I decided to give the Topeak MidLoader and BackLoader a try. Overall, these bags are great for everything from weekend trips as well as the daily commute. They are both top quality bags, perfect for anyone looking to ditch the rack and panniers and start riding sleeker.

First Impressions

The bags are completely black and I’m a big fan of how they look. They are made of a water resistant polyethylene and polyamide material. The straps are very robust and mounting them up is very simple. Both bags use Velcro straps to hold themselves in place, and dialling in the fit was extremely easy.

The BackLoader

The Topeak BackLoader saddle bag comes in three volumes: 6, 10 or 15 litres. I chose the 10 litre version. Due to the waterproof pack sack included with the BackLoader, all the gear I bring with me stays dry. A great side effect of the separate pack sack, is when you need to remove what you packed you can take the whole sack with you instead of having to take the entire saddle bag off the bike.

The pack sack is shaped thus that if you can fill it and roll the top down three time, it will fit into the BackLoader. This way, you can’t overstuff the bag. The pack sack also includes a valve to get the remaining air out and to compress everything to save as much space as possible.

The MidLoader

The Topeak MidLoader is also available in three sizes: 3, 4.5 and 6 litres. I went with the middle size to make sure that I could still carry two water bottles. The materials used on the frame bag are robust and water resistant to keep everything except for during the most extreme storms. A neat feature of the MidLoader are the two rubber-coated zippers on either side. This allows you to access the bag easily and effectively to get to exactly what you need.

Great bikepacking bags

For those looking to get into bikepacking, Topeak is the way to go. Their bags are well thought out and very robust. The price is especially attractive when compared to other similar brands. The perfect way to get a start on taking longer and longer tours to wherever you want to go!

Pros Cons
lightweight large water bottle don’t fit well with the MidLoader
well constructed seatpost needs to be long enough to fit the BackLoader
robust, water resistant
easy to mount
great value

What do you think of Topeak's bikepacking bags?



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Blog comments are published with first name and first letter of surname.

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