Thule RoundTrip Dufflebag
Thule RoundTrip Dufflebag

Review: Thule RoundTrip Bike Duffel

Perfect for weekend trips or training camp, the Thule Duffel Bag keeps your every possession in order.

As cyclists, we all know this to be true: whether we’re setting off for a race, training camp or weekend trips with friends, we almost never travel light. In your average duffel bag or backpack, small items can quickly accumulate in the side pockets or top lid compartment, even moreso in the huge main compartment. Best-case scenario, you’re digging forever for multi-tools or tyre levers; worst case, you’re rooting around for more breakable items such as goggles or a bike computer.

Thule, the Swedish transport professionals , are tackling this problem once and for all with the RoundTrip Bike Duffel. This 55-litre duffel has been specially designed to meet the needs of cyclists. It holds equipment for three to five days, and helps to keep the belongings of even the most stressed-out racers organised and accessible. Having examined it thoroughly myself, I’m eager to show you everything this clever bag can do:

A place for everything, and everything in its place. The Thule RoundTrip Bike Duffel keeps items perfectly organised thanks to its well-padded and adjustable insert in the main compartment, as well as multiple additional pockets and compartments on the sides and in the bag's lid.

From its effortless zippers to the large press studs and high-quality outer material, every aspect of this bag has been carefully considered and indicates that it’ll remain sturdy for a long time.  

The main compartment insert offers a total of twenty-two (22!) separate segments, including a specially padded pocket that’s perfect for more delicate items such as bike glasses. This allows you to devise a personalised organisation system that keeps your stuff in total view at all times. Another handy feature: the organiser can be collapsed like an accordion to save space when not in use, which leaves ample space for bulkier items in the large main compartment.

Helmets of different sizes and shapes can all find a secure place in the RoundTrip Duffel. No scratches, no dents!

So that you don't lose track of your essentials, important compartments are indicated by clear icons. If you’re a not just a cycling fan, you could also store a football or basketball in the helmet compartment, which lets you use the duffel for your second-favourite sport.

Either way, your shoes have their own outside compartment. This protects the interior from troublesome dirt, moisture and stale air.

Speaking of stale - what to do with your smelly wet socks? Thule has also got this covered, and has set aside a compartment in the lid for dirty laundry. The compartment is made of waterproof material and has a small ventilation slot on the outside, which helps to reduce odours from soiled clothing so you’re not overwhelmed by unpleasant smells when throwing items into the wash.

Your tools are always at hand thanks to the compartment’s clever layout, and you don’t even have to open the main one to reach them. This makes accessing them relatively quick and easy, and ensures that the duffel’s interior is protected against dirt and moisture.

If you’re like me, you would probably prefer to store gels or bars in the mesh pockets, but there’s always the option to store other accessories as well.  Whatever you decide to use these for, their light-coloured material and slightly transparent mesh always let you to see exactly what’s inside of which pocket.

Even full loads are comfortable to carry thanks to the RoundTrip Duffel’s wide, padded and adjustable shoulder strap. The durable and double-sewn top handle is especially useful for short distances and fast back-and-forth manoeuvring.

Clearly, the RoundTrip Duffel by Thule is here to stay. No more messy tours, no excuses!

In short:
no more chaos in your luggage! Thule's RoundTrip Duffel is a sophisticated bag that has been carefully considered down to the last detail, providing organised space for everything a cyclist would want to bring with them on short trips. Its practical compartments marked with icons ensure that even after two days of living out of your bag, there is still a good deal of order to be had. Now I always have my wallet and GPS quickly at hand, and no longer have to rummage through the whole bag to find them.

Fabian, Marketing