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Racers wanted for the 24 h Rad am Ring Solo Challenge

This year, our colleagues Björn and Basti are starting once more as soloists at the Rad am Ring race (July 27th - 29th). This year, you have the chance to knock them both out of the competition in a head to head battle. Either way, regardless of the result, you will walk away with a SRAM eTap groupset! So get to it and enter below!

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  Björn Basti
Age 36 Jahre 35 Jahre
Weight 72 kg 80 kg
Thigh Circumference 59 cm 62 cm
Training Kilometres 6.000 km 2.000 km
Turbo Trainer Kilometres 90 Std. 20 Std.
Longest Ride 441 km 620 km
Hardest Ride Ötztaler Cycle Marathon 78 km with two kids in the trailer :-)
Number of Rad am Ring Solos 1 10
Rider Type All-rounder Sprinter


More information

The time to enter ends on 31.05.2018 (11:59 pm). After, 3 of the participants will be chosen by us. They will then be submitted to an online vote and whoever receives the most votes will race against Björn and Basti. After the event the SRAM eTap groupset will be given to the participant.