3min19sec BTK-1 Bicycle Tool Box

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3min19sec BTK-1 Bicycle Tool Box - black-grey/universal
3min19sec BTK-1 Bicycle Tool Box - black-grey/universal
3min19sec BTK-1 Bicycle Tool Box - black-grey/universal
3min19sec BTK-1 Bicycle Tool Box - black-grey/universal
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The BTK-1 bicycle tool box by 3min19sec is your entry into working on your bike

The 3min19sec BTK-1 bicycle tool box is a well thought out collection of the most important tools for the bike, which should not be missing in any hobby or professional workshop.
With this tool box you have everything you need to do the most common maintenance on your bike yourself: It includes things like a chain whip, lockring took, hex wrenches, Torx wrenches, chainring bolt wrench, chain tool, and tools to change out your drivetrain yourself.
Crank pullers and bottom bracket tools are included for changing cartridge bottom brackets. The wrench for external bearing cups fits all common Hollowtech II, GXP and Campagnolo bearings is included. Thanks to the opening in the wrench, bearings can also be retightened without dismantling the crank. Even wheels can be retightened with the spoke wrench or the cone bearings can be readjusted. Of course, all tools are also included for simple assembly work, such as changing attachments or setting the rear derailleur. The sturdy tyre levers allow you to change stubborn tyres and the repair kit quickly gets you back on your bike after a flat.
BTK-1 is really a worry-free tool box for you and your bike workshop!

Technical Information:

Tool Box Dimensions: 33 x 25 x 7 cm
Functions: ca. 40


- generously equipped tool box
- all necessary tools for the most common repairs on the bicycle
- for the hobby or professional workshop


- chain tool
- chain whip
- tyre levers (pair)
- Pedal Wrench
- screwdriver with interchangeable blade: flat 5 mm / Phillips
- 3 mm screwdriver
- wrench for Hollowtech II crank bolts
- bottom bracket puller
- bottom bracket wrench also suitable for Center Lock brake rotors on thru-axle hubs
- cassette removal tool for quick release and thru-axle, also suitable for Center Lock brake discs on quick release hubs
- crank puller
- chainring bolt wrench
- 13 mm cone wrench
- 14 mm cone wrench
- 15 mm cone wrench
- 16 mm cone wrench
- spoke key for 3.2 mm (0.127" ) nipples
- spoke key for 3.3 mm (0.130" ) nipples
- spoke key for 3.4 mm (0.136" ) nipples
- patch kit
- 2 mm hex tool
- 2.5 mm hex tool
- 3 mm hex tool
- 4 mm hex tool
- 5 mm hex tool
- 6 mm hex tool
- 8 mm hex tool
- Torx T10
- Torx T15
- Torx T20
- Torx T25
- Torx T27
- Torx T30
- Torx T40
- Torx T45
- Torx T50


- 1 x 3min19sec BTK-1 tool box with tools


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  • black-grey/universal

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by Christoph S.  on 08.10.2019
verified purchase

Habe mir den Koffer gekauft weil ich ein Werkzeug-Set haben wollte bei dem alle Basic Tools vorhanden sind. Mit dem Werkzeugen habe ich inzwischen diverse Reperaturen vorgenommen und muss sagen, dass ich sehr zufrieden bin. Sehr cool finde ich, im Gegensatz zu vielen Kokurenz Produkten hier ein Torx Satz enthalten war.

Daumen hoch! Klare Empfehlung!

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