ASSOS T.LaalalaiShorts_S7 Ladies Bib Shorts

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T.LaalalaiShorts_S7 Ladies Bib Shorts - block black/M
T.LaalalaiShorts_S7 Ladies Bib Shorts - block black/M
T.LaalalaiShorts_S7 Ladies Bib Shorts - block black/M
T.LaalalaiShorts_S7 Ladies Bib Shorts - block black/M
T.LaalalaiShorts_S7 Ladies Bib Shorts - block black/M
T.LaalalaiShorts_S7 Ladies Bib Shorts - block black/M
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New gold standard for women's shorts: the T.laalalaiShorts_S7 by ASSOS

The ASSOS T.laalalaiShorts_S7 women's bib shorts are suitable for summer bike tours. They are based on decades of ASSOS experience in fabric technologies and garment development. These bib shorts are made of Type.439 Diadema fabric, which is characterized by strong stretch and excellent moisture-wicking and compressive properties. Due to the minimalist aeroPatterningFenomeno1 design, the T.laalalaiShorts_S7 is no match for anyone when it comes to aerodynamics. Of course, the fit has been tailored specifically for women, with " click to fit" AEPD design and the Monobib, a centralized magnetic clasp that pulls the straps together on the chest. The wide straps and elastic on the outside of the legs also ensure that enough, but never too much pressure is applied. For slipstream riding or summer splash rides - the T.laalalaiShorts_S7 are your perfect companion.


women specific
Special Fabrics:
Type.439 Diadema
Temperature Range:
1/3 (summer)
Product Line:


  • S7 generation: the latest generation of ASSOS cycling shorts with technology and fabrics developed over a period of 5 years
  • ultra-light leg hems with optimal stretch secure the shorts around half the leg circumference for less compression and more comfort
  • a powerful magnetic closure on the middle of the chest, which can be opened and closed easily


73 % polyamide, 18 % elastane, 9 % polyester


Advanced Ergonomic Pattern Design is the know-how, experience and philosophy with which ASSOS works out and designs the fit of the products in such a way that it harmonises perfectly with the sitting position on the bike. ASSOS clothing is designed to adapt perfectly to and merge with the body on the bike. High-tech materials are basically useless unless they are perfectly cut and processed.

The ASSOS collection is a sophisticated and technically advanced clothing system in which all products are coordinated and designed to complement and work together perfectly in every season. The ASSOS Layering System (ALS) divides the year into 3 different temperature ranges - from summer to spring/autumn to winter (Outfit Climarange). The goal of ALS is to keep your body warm and dry in all climatic conditions. The advantage of the ASSOS collection lies in its versatility; the products can be intelligently stacked and combined in layers.

Type.439 Diadema
A unique fabric based on ASSOS expertise with four-way stretch for maximum elasticity.

aeroPatterningFenomeno1 Design
Based on ASSOS' experience in developing the fastest skinsuit for the 2012 Olympics, this original design is made with a single seam on the back of the legs. This allows the main fabric of the shorts to hug the thighs and deliver excellent comfort and compression.

A fabric treatment that reflects sunlight, reducing heat absorption for cooler muscles.

ASSOS goldenGate
A patented technology that enhances the performance of the chamois for maximum freedom of movement.

ASSOS Waffle
A unique, three-layer foam in chamois with perforations that provide lightweight and highly breathable properties.

Lady_S7 chamois
A chamois for women that offers premium comfort and performance with an 8mm thick memory foam and a patented elastic insert for less friction.

Size Guide:

ASSOS products are designed to fit the body of a cyclist perfectly. The cut of the products is anatomically shaped according to the ASSOS cut design philosophy AEPD. This means that ASSOS products perfectly surround and protect the body without constricting it when riding. ASSOS products are not very comfortable in the upright position - they stretch - and this is completely normal. So go into a bent posture like on a bike and feel how it " clicks" and the clothes now fit perfectly. ASSOS technical products are made for real cycling and not for leisure activities.
If you're built more than slim or if you like your fit looser, go up a size.

Manufacturer Number:

block black:


  • 1 x ASSOS T.LaalalaiShorts_S7 women's bib shorts


  • block black/XS, in stock
  • block black/L, in stock

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