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The DBcoil IL BLACK Double Barrel steel coil rear shock by Cane Creek - high-end in noble black

With the DBcoil IL Double Barrel coil spring rear shock by Cane Creek you get the whole package of uncompromising technology in the BLACK Edition. In climbing sections, you can use the Climb Switch to adjust the low-speed compression stage in uphill mode so that this additional rocker suppression optimises your pedalling efficiency to the maximum.
Thanks to the unique Twin Tube technology, in which the oil circulates continuously through the damping valve, the Piggyback can be dispensed with. This saves up to 45% weight compared to similar Piggyback shocks. But you still get superior damping for aggressive descents with sensitive response even on the smallest bumps.
Depending on the design of your rear triangle, you can choose between linear or progressive Valt Lightweight coils.


All Mountain, Enduro
Suspension Type:
coil spring
Size x Stroke (mm):
200 x 50 mm, 200 x 57 mm, 210 x 55 mm, 216 x 63 mm

Technical Information:

Damping System:
Twin Tube
Bushing Material:
Body Material:
Shaft Material:
steel (4130)
Shaft Diameter:
8 mm
15 mm

Adjustment Options:

high-speed and low-speed
high-speed and low-speed


  • independent 4-way adjustment of high and low-speed compression and rebound
  • Twin tube technology (oil circulation through 2 high-speed and 4 low-speed valves)
  • bushings made of low-friction, durable Norglide® material
  • handmade in North Carolina, USA


Only compatible with Valt Lightweight coils.


CS Technology:
The Climb Switch Uphill mode is the most innovative climbing feature on the market. The proprietary climbing function (patent pending) for the double barrel rear shock changes the entire low frequency dynamics of the damper, which is especially needed for the requirements of uphill riding.

4-Way Adjustment:
Two hexagonal bolts, placed one inside the other, allow the outer one to be used for high-speed compression and rebound, and the inner one for low-speed compression and rebound. For adjustment Cane Creek provides a small tool that fits in any bag or backpack. In addition, no knobs were used to keep the dimensions of the somewhat voluminous rear shock small. The adjustment range of the Double Barrel Air is extremely wide and covers a very wide range of rear end characteristics without having to resort to corresponding tunes. The " coil hardness" can of course be adjusted by air via a rear shock pump.

Low-Speed Compression (LSC):
The low-speed compression reacts to slow shaft speeds. This ensures less bouncing when pedalling and reduces, for example, the sagging of the rear end in adjacent areas or when jumping. The Double Barrel Air achieves exactly these characteristics by separating the high and low-speed compression stages, thus preventing a reduction in travel.

High Speed Compression (HSC):
Hard hits on root passages, stones or hard landings are the job of the high speed compression stage. The higher the high-speed pressure level is set, the greater the bottom-out protection.

Low-Speed Rebound (LSR):
This setting corresponds to the simple rebound adjustment, which is also available from other brands. Here it is difficult to find a compromise between " fast enough for roots" and " slow enough for jumps and hard landings" .

High Speed Rebound (HSR):
The additionally adjustable high-speed rebound allows a slower rebound speed for hit that would compress the rear shock too fast and too far.

Manufacturer Numbers:

200 mm x 50 mm:
200 mm x 57 mm:
210 mm x 55 mm:
216 mm x 63 mm:


  • 1 x Cane Creek DBcoil IL Black Edition rear shock
  • 2 x Cane Creek PTFE bushings (pre-pressed)

Order Together:


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Customer Reviews (1)


Customer Reviews (1)


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by Patrik G.  on 05.04.2021
verified purchase
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The shock has very wide range of adjustments to suit everyone's personal preference, which is nice. Once you find your preferred settings, the shock works amazingly well, unless you want to add a bit more low speed compression - then the shock starts to produce audible clunk noise every time it goes from compression to rebound stroke. This problem is widely known and CaneCreek has been promising fix for it for years, yet here we are, the problem still exists. When I contacted CaneCreek, I was told they can rebuild the shock for me to try to reduce the noise, but from what I found on forums, other people received their shock back with exactly the same problem, so I didn't bother. Then there is a confusing adjustment range. The shock can have anywhere between 18 to 25 clicks on low speed adjusters, based on manufacturing tolerances, but only the first 18 from fully closed actually do something, as explained by CaneCreek support, so count your clicks from full closed. One last thing to note, it's a pain to install CC's own Valt springs onto this shock, the 2.25" spring is too long for the 2.25" shock, so one has to compress it in a vice, use a ton of zipties to keep it compressed and then install it on shock, otherwise you won't be able to put the collar on. Once it's installed, you can remove the zipties and tighten the preload adjuster. The damper is also pretty noisy.

Overall, I would recommend this shock, especially because of all the adjustments it provides for the price (if you are into that sort of thing), but be aware of the issues I mentioned above. They are not a dealbreakers by any means though.

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