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Improve your acceleration with the right chainrings!

Worn chainrings can be outright dangerous. If your chain slips under load, you might go flying over the handlebars before you know it. Hence, don’t wait until it’s too late and the teeth on your big ring become as pointed as shark teeth. Check them regularly.

In order to find the right chainring, keep in mind the following points: How many bolts are used to connect the crank arm with the chainrings, 3, 4, or 5? Accordingly, the chainrings are compatible with 3-arm, 4-arm, or 5-arm cranksets. However, depending on the make of the cranks, the holes for the bolts can be situated in different locations, they have a different pitch circle diameter. Direct Mount cranksets are an exception. Here the chainrings aren’t bolted on the crank arm, but connected directly with interlocking teeth to the axle.

Another difference between chainrings lies in the shape of the teeth. Cranksets with only one chainring might feature teeth with an alternating width. This results in a much tighter fit and keeps the chain from coming off as easily. They are also called Narrow Wide chainrings. Depending on the rear derailleur you are using, with a Narrow Wide chainring you might not even need a chain guide anymore.

No matter what kind of chainring you are looking for, whether it be Narrow Wide, a classic 3-arm, 4-arm, or 5-arm, Direct Mount, or if you are looking for a bashguard, the right tools, or matching bolts, you will find what you need in this section.

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100 day return period
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