Continental Der Kaiser Project Apex 26" Wired Tyre

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Der Kaiser Project Apex 26" Wired Tyre - black/26x2.4
Der Kaiser Project Apex 26" Wired Tyre - black/26x2.4
Der Kaiser Project Apex 26" Wired Tyre - black/26x2.4
Der Kaiser Project Apex 26" Wired Tyre - black/26x2.4
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Der Kaiser Projekt Apex 26" Wired Tyre by Continental - In a racing suit

The Continental Kaiser Projekt Apex wired tyre was designed as an uncompromising race tyre in collaboration with the world's best athletes, the tread design derived directly from the toughest World Cup courses. It offers efficient acceleration thanks to low rolling resistance with phenomenal braking power and precise cornering. The Apex insert also gives it high resistance to bottoming out.


Application: Downhill, Freeride
Product Line: Premium
Ground Conditions: hard, dry, all-round
Type: wired tyre
Tubeless System: none

Technical Information:

Rubber Compound: BlackChili Compound
Carcass: 360 tpi, 6 layers


Dimensions: 26 x 2.4"
ETRTO: 60-559
Air Pressure: 2.5 - 3.5 bar
Manufacturer Part Number: 0101723


- Handmade in Germany
- low mileage competition tyre


Premium tyres, manufactured to achieve peak performances. Latest technologies, developed with the most successful athletes in the world and handmade by experienced specialists in Korbach (Handmade in Germany). Selected materials for highest quality are used here.

BlackChili Compound
The rolling characteristics of the rubber compound of a tyre are determined by three interacting factors: Static friction (grip), rolling resistance and mileage. The dilemma: If one of these factors is improved, at least one other factor deteriorates in return. For BlackChili, Continental refines newly developed synthetic rubbers with proven natural rubber into particularly high-performance tread compounds. Conti adds nanoscale carbon black particles to these rubbers, which are optimised in shape and surface properties in order to match the compound to the respective application of the tyre. Tyres with BlackChili Compound achieve an unprecedented level of performance. Compared to activated silica tyres, BlackChili tyres have 26 % lower rolling resistance, 30 % higher static friction value (grip) and 5 % higher mileage. Whether on a Road bike or MTB - the speed and grip advantage is clearly noticeable! The complex compound technology is so sensitive that tyres with BlackChili Compound are produced exclusively at Continental in Korbach, Germany.

Successfully used in passenger car tyres for years, the Apex stabilises the tyre in corners. A technology that also makes sense for large-volume bicycle tyres. Apex is a rubber insert which is placed between the carcass plies on the base of the tyre. It stiffens the sidewalls of the tyre and minimises the torsion of the tyre under high lateral loads. In addition, the stiffened sidewalls reduce the risk of puncture and prevent the tyre from slipping off the rim. These characteristics predestine the Apex for Continental's Downhill and Freeride tyres: the operating pressure can be further reduced in favour of grip without having to accept spongy cornering behaviour or an increased risk of puncture.


- 1 x Continental Der Kaiser Project Apex 26" Wired Tyre


  • black/26x2.4: 1220 g


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  • black/26x2.4

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