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Find the fork made for you bike!

The fork is an important part of your bike and that is why you should dedicate time and attention to your choice. Whether you want a suspension or ridged fork, we have the current models listed.

With a suspension fork, you can increase your comfort level enormously. It cushions sudden and consistent impacts. To make sure the fork can function correctly, your use, weight, and personal preferences all need to be coordinated. The many uses of a fork, City & Touring, Cross Country, All Mountain, Enduro, or Downhill are defined before you purchase. The fine-tuning is dependent on the suspension medium. You have the choice between steel coils or air suspension. Air suspension has the weight advantage and can easily be adjusted for rider weight and terrain by adding or releasing air pressure. You can find the matching pumpshere. Steel coil suspension forks are generally smoother. The right adjustment is also very important. Is the rebound damping so fast, that it lifts the front wheel off the ground when it rebounds? Or is it so slow, that successive impacts reduce the travel even more? The sag should be adjusted depending on the use, between 10 % and 35 %. The final adjustments should be made on a varied trail.

Ridged forks are also made for a specific use. Road bike forks are made as light as possible. City & Touring forks are made for bikes that carry heavy loads, making the forks a bit heavier and more stable.

There are however, other important factors that you need to consider before purchasing a fork. After the wheel size, you should look at the brake mount and make sure to order the correct adapters. With ridged forks there are still a lot who still have Cantilever mounts instead of disc mounts. The steerer tubes also have different sizes and they need to match the head tube size. Keep your wits about you when purchasing a new fork.

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