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Only a piece of tubing? Discover the multifaceted world of handlebars and the ergonomic role they play.

Handlebars and grips, next to pedals and saddles, are central contact points between you and your bike. Ergonomics play a very important role here. Who sits or grips wrong hurts quick. The wrong form, grip, height could be responsible. Your cockpit should be adjusted to fit you and your riding position.

Another important part is the stem that clamps your bars in place. Take notice of the clamp diameter. For both road and MTB, there are 4 different standards: 25.4 mm, 26.0 mm, 31.8 mm, and 35 mm. The diameter of your handlebars needs to match the clamp diameter. How high the rise is or if you want classic or ergonomic bars, can all be decided on the type of terrain and your personal preferences.
To make sure the handlebars feel good in your hands, you need a pair of grips or handlebar tape. Grips vary quite a lot and differ in many ways. Even the base materials are heavily diversified, between cork, rubber, and leather everything is possible. All these materials have their advantages and disadvantages. The diameter of handlebars ends is standardized, so finding a fitting pair is easy. Except if you ride with a grip shifter. Then you should make sure the grips are a little shorter. Do not worry about having to shorten grips, however; there are grips made for grip shifters.

Being able to choose between different hand positions make longer tours more comfortable, as many areas of your hands can take the load. Road bars are at an advantage just because of their form. An easy way to increase the hand positions on a mountain bike are bar ends. They are not heavy and offer much more comfort.

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