Mavic CXR Ultimate PowerLink C Rear 28" Folding Tyre

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black-SSC/23-622 (700x23c)
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Mavic CXR Ultimate PowerLink C Rear 28" Folding Tyre - black-SSC/23-622 (700x23c)
Mavic CXR Ultimate PowerLink C Rear 28" Folding Tyre - black-SSC/23-622 (700x23c)
Mavic CXR Ultimate PowerLink C Rear 28" Folding Tyre - black-SSC/23-622 (700x23c)
Mavic CXR Ultimate PowerLink C Rear 28" Folding Tyre - black-SSC/23-622 (700x23c)
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For even better aerodynamics and power transmission: the CXR Ultimate tyre by Mavic

As the front and rear leading edge of the bike, the tyre is crucial for speed. That's why CXR tyres and Cosmic CXR wheels are combined into one unit with the CX01 Aero Blades - creating the fastest wheel-tyre system on the market. In addition, the PowerLink rubber compound optimises the rolling efficiency.


Application: Road, Triathlon & Time Trial
Product Line: Aero
Type: folding tyre
Tubeless System: none

Technical Information:

Rubber Compound: Dual Compound PowerLink
Carcass: 127 tpi
Puncture Protection: nylon


23-622 (700x23c)
Dimensions: 700 x 23c
ETRTO: 23-622
Air Pressure: max. 8.7 bar
Manufacturer Part Number: L37805100-23


- proven superior CX01 aerodynamics
- the only tyre that fits the Cosmic CXR rim perfectly
- the only tyre compatible with the CX01 Aero Blades
- extremely agile, with optimised puncture and cut protection
- PowerLink: low rolling resistance thanks to harder rubber compound, recommended for use on the rear wheel
- extra fine, firm carcass
- firm protective layer: nylon
- with SSC logo


Spécial Service Course. This label means that the product was developed and tested together with professional racers (Road or MTB). This professional material is also available to you.

A tyre mounted on the rim makes up 85 % of the frontal surface of the entire wheel and is the first edge of the bike that the wind hits. For this reason it is important to include the tyre in the development of aerodynamics. The most aerodynamic wheel can only achieve very good results if the tyre does not destroy these characteristics. Mavic's CX01 technology is the first time ever that a tyre and wheel have been matched and developed together.
Inspired by wing profiles of the NACA/NASA standard, two profiles were considered in the rim of the CXR 80 and CXR 60, which combine all good characteristics. In order to eliminate turbulence, the tyre and wheel must guarantee a perfect, turbulence-reduced air flow. That's why the special CX01 tyre and CX01 rim were designed to meet all these requirements. With the help of the CX01 blade, which aerodynamically seals the tyre and rim, these turbulences are reduced to an absolute minimum. Like the wings on an airplane, the CX01 profile smooths the surface of the wheel-tyre system and directs the airflow over the rim to reduce the drag of the entire system.

A good rear tyre, whether clincher or tubular, must ensure optimum power transmission and maximum speed. That's why PowerLink tyres are optimally designed for use on the rear wheel and impress with minimal rolling resistance.


- 1 x Mavic CXR Ultimate PowerLink C folding tyre


  • black-SSC/23-622 (700x23c): 200 g


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  • black-SSC/23-622 (700x23c)

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