Mavic Ksyrium Pro Exalith WTS Wheelset

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black/28" set (front 9x100 + rear 10x130) clincher Shimano
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Mavic Ksyrium Pro Exalith WTS Wheelset - black/28" set (front 9x100 + rear 10x130) clincher Shimano
Mavic Ksyrium Pro Exalith WTS Wheelset - black/28" set (front 9x100 + rear 10x130) clincher Shimano
Mavic Ksyrium Pro Exalith WTS Wheelset - black/28" set (front 9x100 + rear 10x130) clincher Shimano
Mavic Ksyrium Pro Exalith WTS Wheelset - black/28" set (front 9x100 + rear 10x130) clincher Shimano
Mavic Ksyrium Pro Exalith WTS Wheelset - black/28" set (front 9x100 + rear 10x130) clincher Shimano
Mavic Ksyrium Pro Exalith WTS Wheelset - black/28" set (front 9x100 + rear 10x130) clincher Shimano
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Powerful braking performance, attractive look: the Ksyrium Pro Exalith wheelset by Mavic

The Ksyrium Pro Exalith has all the top features of the Ksyrium Pro and adds to them the Mavic exclusive Exalith treatment of the braking surfaces. This leads to incredible versatility and all-round qualities, an attractive look and outstanding braking performance. Exalith is a special chemical treatment that penetrates deep into the aluminium and produces a number of advantages: Firstly, the rim is reinforced, especially on the brake tracks, which results in particularly low brake wear in the long term. Then the braking power is increased enormously, the braking distance is shortened by 20 % compared to conventional aluminium rims, whether in wet or dry conditions. Specific Exalith brake pads ensure quiet and low-wear. And the rim is given an attractive, completely black finish, which is retained over thousands of kilometres.


Application: Road, Cyclocross, Gravel
Wheel Size: 28"
Tyre Type: clincher
Number of Spokes: 18 (front), 20 (rear)
Brake Type: rim brake
Tubeless System: none

Technical Information - Rim:

Dimensions (ETRTO): 17-622
Inner Width: 17 mm
Outer Width: 22 mm
Depth: 24 mm (front), 26 mm (rear)
Valve Hole Diameter: Presta (6.5 mm)
Rim Material: aluminium (Maxtal)

Technical Information - Front Hub:

Over Locknut Dimension: 9 x 100 mm quick release
Bearings: cartridge bearings (sealed)
Body Material: carbon, aluminium

Technical Information - Rear Hub:

Over Locknut Dimension: 10 x 130 mm quick release
Bearings: cartridge bearings (sealed)
Body Material: aluminium
Freehub Body Material: steel
Freehub Body: FTS-L

Technical Information - Lacing:

Front Lacing Pattern: radial
Rear Lacing Pattern: Isopulse
Spoke Type: straight / Aero / double butted
Spoke Size: 282 mm (front), 273.5 mm/297.5 mm (rear l/r)
Spoke Material: aluminium (Zicral)
Nipple Type: Fore, integrated
Nipple Material: aluminium

Technical Information - Tyres:

Front: Yksion Pro GripLink
Rear: Yksion Pro PowerLink
Type: folding tyre
Tubeless System: none
Rubber Compound: Single Compound
Carcass: 127 tpi
Puncture Protection: Kevlar (front), nylon (rear)
Dimensions: 700 x 25c
ETRTO: 25-622

Approved For:

Weight Limit: 120 kg total weight* (rider, gear & bike)
Air Pressure (max.): 8.7 bar (23 mm), 7.7 bar (25/28 mm)
Recommended Tyre Width: 25 - 32 mm

* recommended for increased durability


- product segment: Endurance
- the ideal mix of lightweight and aero qualities
- race-ready agility plus even more control
- better brake performance plus (rim) durability
- asymmetrical rear rim
- aluminium axles
- sealed, adjustable cartridge bearings
- with decorative spoke
- Fore rim drillings, Exalith 2 brake tracks
- SUP Rim joint, ISM 4D weight tuning
- ASTM category 2: for use on roads, maintained dirt roads and gravel roads (on Touring and Cross Country bikes) with jumps up to a height of 15 cm


The aluminium alloy produced exclusively for Mavic is 30% more resistant than 6106 aluminium. That's why Maxtal rims can be super light - and yet durable.

Soudé Usiné Process. The rim joint is welded and then machined to produce a smooth braking surface. A welded rim joint is more durable, prevents any brake vibrations and facilitates the lacing and truing of a perfect wheel.

Stiffer and stronger. Instead of drilling a conventional rim hole, the inner rim base is pressed inwards in one operation and provided with a thread into which the nipples are screwed directly. The outer rim base remains intact. The rim is four times more resistant to fatigue and 20 % stiffer - for optimum power transmission.

Exalith 2
The Mavic exclusive Exalith 2 technology for aluminium rims has been further refined to ensure exceptional durability and the best possible braking function in all (weather) conditions. The braking distance is 18 % shorter in the wet, with unchanged brake pad wear. The Exalith treatment penetrates the aluminium, reduces wear and tear and ensures that the anthracite-grey appearance is retained for thousands of kilometres. New Mavic Exalith 2 black brake pads provide silent, powerful braking performance and durability.

ISM 4D not only noticeably reduces weight and sluggishness without sacrificing durability. The exclusive Mavic patent, with its innovative rim profile, also ensures better aerodynamics. Up to 50 g lighter for even faster climbing performance. Minimum inertia for maximum acceleration. Extra aerodynamic rim profile for less drag.

Qualité de Roulements Mavic +. Mavic's most sophisticated bearing technology: with double seal and extremely dimensionally stable, micro-fine adjustable - according to your needs: super-smooth for maximum smoothness or minimum tightening for the worse weather conditions.

Force Transfer System Light. The decisive freehub components are specifically reinforced: at the contact surface between pawls and hub body with two stainless steel inserts. The hub is extremely light and robust. Higher efficiency thanks to better power transmission.

Special aluminium alloy that produces spokes with a better stiffness-to-weight ratio and even greater tensile strength. Lighter, stiffer and more stable spokes for better climbing characteristics, better power transmission and higher durability.

Isopulse (Rear)
This special lacing (radial on the right, double cross on the left) increases the stability of the wheels and ensures optimum power transmission - thanks to more even spoke tension on the left and right hub flange. Higher stiffness under heavy loads - for direct power transmission. Higher wheel stability - for lower maintenance requirements.

A good front tyre, whether clincher or tubular, must provide maximum cornering grip and control. That's why GripLink tyres are optimally designed for use on the front wheel and offer superior grip.

A good rear tyre, whether clincher or tubular, must ensure optimum power transmission and maximum speed. That's why PowerLink tyres are optimally designed for use on the rear wheel and impress with minimal rolling resistance.


28" set (front 9x100 + rear 10x130) clincher Shimano:
Freehub: Shimano Road
Gearing: 8-/9-/10-/11-speed
Note: Installing 8-/9-/10-speed cassettes on Shimano freehub bodies requires a 1.85 mm spacer.
Manufacturer Part Number: LF6180100 (front) + LR8910100-M (rear)
Conversion Options: To convert to Campagnolo, a Campagnolo freehub body is required.

28" set (front 9x100 + rear 10x130) clincher Campy: sold-out
Freehub: Shimano Campagnolo
Gearing: 9-/10-/11-/12-speed
Manufacturer Part Number: LF6180100 (front) + LR8910100-E (rear)


- 1 x Mavic Ksyrium Pro Exalith wheelset (front and rear)
- 1 x Mavic Yksion Pro GripLink folding tyres
- 1 x Mavic Yksion Pro PowerLink folding tyres
- 2 x Mavic BR601 quick release
- 2 pairs of brake pads for Exalith brake tracks
- 2 x multifunctional adjustment key


  • black/28" set (front 9x100 + rear 10x130) clincher Shimano: 1475 g (Satz o. Reifen) / 1895 g (Satz m. Reifen)


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  • black/28" set (front 9x100 + rear 10x130) clincher Shimano

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