OneUp Components 170 mm Dropper Post

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OneUp Components 170 mm Dropper Post - black/31.6 mm / 450 mm / SB 0 mm
OneUp Components 170 mm Dropper Post - black/31.6 mm / 450 mm / SB 0 mm
OneUp Components 170 mm Dropper Post - black/31.6 mm / 450 mm / SB 0 mm
OneUp Components 170 mm Dropper Post - black/31.6 mm / 450 mm / SB 0 mm
OneUp Components 170 mm Dropper Post - black/31.6 mm / 450 mm / SB 0 mm
OneUp Components 170 mm Dropper Post - black/31.6 mm / 450 mm / SB 0 mm
OneUp Components 170 mm Dropper Post - black/31.6 mm / 450 mm / SB 0 mm
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OneUp Components 170 mm Dropper Post: more drop is more fun

With the OneUp Components 170 mm dropper post, you've got 170 mm of travel combined with a low stack height and effective length. That mean more fun because can get the saddle out of your way to ride more confidently and aggressively downhill.
Bleeding the remote (not incl.) is never a problem because it is cable actuated. This makes cable routing also a breeze. The OneUp dropper post does not react to temperature changes like other hydraulic actuated posts. If the remote ever breaks you can still control the dropper thanks to the manual actuator at the bottom of the post.
The OneUp remote lever is located directly under the handlebars; not like other dropper post remotes. This is in the upshift position, instead of the down shift, which means less thumb movement. It allows you to keep a tighter grip on the bars giving you more freedom in deciding when and where to drop or raise your post.
With the help of the dropper post shim (not incl.) you can reduce the overall travel by 50 mm, on the go and without tools.


Application: All Mountain, Enduro, Trail
Travel: 170 mm
Diameter: 30.9 mm, 31.6 mm
Length: 450 mm
Setback: 0 mm

Technical Information:

Actuation: mechanical handlebar remote
Cable Routing: internal
Clamp: 2-bolt
Compatible Saddle Rails: 7 x 7 mm (standard)
Material: aluminium

Approved For:

Weight Limit: 120 kg
Insertion Depth (max.): 243 mm
Insertion Depth (min.): 110 mm


- tons of travel (max. 170 mm) w/ a low stack height (207 mm) and a low effective length (450 mm, w/o actuator = 32 mm)
- 340 mm maximum extension
- cable anchor on the remote lever (not incl.)
- low maintenance, simple cable/housing installation for clean cable routing
- remote lever position helps keep grip on the handlebars while adjusting
- travel can be reduced up to 50 mm (to 120 mm), individual drop adjust
- increased bushing overlap is great for heavier riders
- drop tuning on-bike, tool free, without removing the saddle and without suspension pump

Note: Find your ideal dropper post length on the OneUp components homepage. The Dropper Post is not compatible with Santa Cruz bicycles with the lower link VPP shock style due to the cable housing being damaged by sharp edges.

Model Index:

30.9 mm / 450 mm / SB 0 mm:
- Diameter: 30.9 mm
- Length: 450 mm
- Setback: 0 mm
- Factory Number: 1C0488

31.6 mm / 450 mm / SB 0 mm:
- Diameter: 31.6 mm
- Length: 450 mm
- Setback: 0 mm
- Factory Number: 1C0489


- 1 x OneUp Components 170 mm dropper post
- not incl. shim
- not incl. remote


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  • black/31.6 mm / 450 mm / SB 0 mm
  • black/30.9 mm / 450 mm / SB 0 mm

Customer Reviews (4)


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Customer Reviews (4)


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by Patrik G.  on 18.01.2019
verified purchase
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

This dropper post has one MAJOR design flaw.

I hope all of you already know the cable housing - cable relationship.
Cable moves inside the cable housing, transfering force without any cable housing movement - the cable housing is fixed.

Well, that's not the case for this dropper post. For some reason, the engineers from OneUp components thought it would be great to have the cable fixed on both ends and have the cable housing move and actuate the post instead!

Now why that's a problem ( besides breaking the standard )?
I have a frame which has fairly sharp turns inside the frame where the cable housing is being internally routed. Because cable housing shouldn't move, this is not an issue and works perfectly fine with pretty much any other dropper post.
Unfortunately, OneUp Dropper works on the principle of cable housing movement - hope you can see the problem. Besides being hard to actuate ( I'm using WolfTooth ReMote ), the cable housing gets damaged really fast, leaving outer plastic destroyed completely ( and junk in the frame ), and the inner cable is either left stuck or just really hard to move.
I'm not even mentioning the damage this does to the frame when the unprotected cable housing ( metal ) rubs against the frame from the inside...

Because of that, I wasn't even able to properly test the dropper post.
Other than that it looked like a perfect fit - I got the ideal saddle height while being able to lower it so much that the saddle just barely cleared the wheel on full bottom out.

I'm highly disappointed as the seatpost has been literally unusable for me.

Is this review helpful?
Response from bike-components on 31.01.2019:

The post was returned and refunded.

Overall, we've had great experiences with the post, in a variety of setups.

Our OneUp rep pointed out that the post works best if the housing is cut with a bit more slack than usual. The excess housing is then coiled in the seat tube. That way, the housing only moves a bit within the seat tube, and other areas of the frame are not affected.

We had a great conversation with Patrik about his setup, which is a bit unusual. It looks like the rather long insertion depth as well as the sudden angle of the seat tube really don't work with this post, or other posts with longer connector barbs.

Give us your opinion on this product.

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