Pirelli P Zero Velo 4S 28" Folding Tyre

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Pirelli P Zero Velo 4S 28" Folding Tyre - black/25-622
Pirelli P Zero Velo 4S 28" Folding Tyre - black/25-622
Pirelli P Zero Velo 4S 28" Folding Tyre - black/25-622
Pirelli P Zero Velo 4S 28" Folding Tyre - black/25-622
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Ahead of the elements: P ZeroT Velo 4S folding tyre by Pirelli

Harsh weather? Cold temperatures? The 4S is the way to go. With increased wet grip and puncture protection, this outstanding clincher will deliver an unbeatable performing ride. Its unique tread design is developed to shed water from your path giving maximum confidence in every weather condition. Wet or dry, the 4S will rise to the challenge.


Application: Road
Type: folding tyre
Tubeless System: none

Technical Information:

Rubber Compound: SmartNET Silica®
Carcass: 127 tpi
Sidewalls: Nylon Casing
Puncture Protection: Aramid Belt + Aramid Pulp


Dimension: 700-23c
ETRTO: 23-622
Air Pressure: 6 - 8.7 bar
Manufacturer Part Number: 2909100

Dimensions: 700-25c
ETRTO: 25-622
Air Pressure: 6 - 7.7 bar
Manufacturer Part Number: 2909200

Dimensions: 700-28c
ETRTO: 28-622
Air Pressure: 6 - 7.7 bar
Manufacturer Part Number: 2909300

The load capacity shown refers to only one tyre. To check if the tyres are suitable for your total weight (rider + bicycle) you can double the amount because your total weight is spread over two tyres.


SmartNET Silica®
Maximum performance with unprecedented rolling efficiency and full confidence. The perfect balance.
SmartNET Silica® is Pirelli's patented cutting edge compound. With its unique formula, developed through years of leading experience in motorsports, SmartNET Silica® provides cyclists with a truly uncompromising experience. Thanks to SmartNET Silica® cyclists has no more compromise: low rolling resistance and enhanced wet grip, grip and mileage, puncture resistance and low weight. This groundbreaking Pirelli compound excels in every performance. This unique silica particles, long-shaped instead of spheric, are able to position themselves in an organized longitudinal way instead of in a chaotic structure, ensuring low rolling resistance. They provide perfect chemical compatibility with wet tarmac, increasing wet grip. They create a NETwork with other compound elements increasing compound resistance and improving both puncture resistance and mileage. The application of SmartNET Silica® will allow cyclists to enjoy unparalleled performance.

To fine-tune the tread pattern of P Zero™ Velo and P Zero™ Velo 4S (the TT model is 100% slick), Pirelli relied on the motorsport-inspired Groove Design). The tread pattern, which does not have only an aesthetic function, takes inspiration from one of Pirelli's best SSP tyre (SuperSport class of the World SuperBike racing competition): Diablo Supercorsa. Tread pattern angles, depths and distances were researched to maximize performance in terms of water outflow, dry and wet grip, mileage, tyre response as well as comfort and handling. The tread pattern recalls a flash and features extremely tight angles down the middle area with a definite lateral opening so as to facilitate water drainage, smoothness and even the tyre usage. Moreover, the tread pattern has been designed to be progressively deeper to enhance resilience reactiveness and response even on extreme bends. The position of the pattern creates a different number of contact points between the tread and the ground. P Zero™ Velo has three major footprint areas ribbon, for high tyre smoothness, two extra-grooved intermediate bands, which help to negotiate bends and heat the tyre, and semi-slick edges responsiveness at bend apex. This results in optimum contact whenever the tyre is required to supply maximum ground power transfer conditions.

Enhanced handling and cornering in all conditions thanks to the unique tyre profile.
ICS for the contour and construction of the new P ZeroT Velo tyres, Pirelli made use of ICS technology working on the shape of the tyre contour. The use of CAD software, along with subsequent analysis of the finite elements (FEM), helped optimize the construction parameters of the tyre contour and simulate performance. Hence P Zero™ Velo provides the best and most efficient footprint conferring grip, stability as well as a reactive and controlled response to every type of surface (straights, descents or bends).


- 1 x Pirelli P Zero™ Velo TT folding tyre


  • black/23-622: 205 g
  • black/25-622: 220 g
  • black/28-622: 250 g


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  • black/23-622
  • black/25-622
  • black/28-622

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by Thies J.  on 11.11.2018
verified purchase
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Ich fahre den Reifen als 25 er auf dem Rennrad und In 28 mm Breite auf dem Singelspeed im Altag.
Der Pirelli überzeugt durch geschmeidiges Abrollen.
Auf nassem Kopfsteinpflaster und sogar auf nassem Laub entwickelt der Reifen einen guten Grip und vermittelt ein sicheres Fahrgefühl.
Auch der Pannenschutz scheint gut zu sein.
Auf aktuellen Felgen bauen die Reifen jelweils 1 mm breiter auf als angegeben.
Die Reifenmontage klappt problemlos.
Ein sehr guter Reifen für schlechtes Wetter und für das Alltagsrad in der Stadt.

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