SQlab 611 Ergowave Saddle - 2020 Model

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611 Ergowave Saddle - 2020 Model - black/130 mm
611 Ergowave Saddle - 2020 Model - black/130 mm
611 Ergowave Saddle - 2020 Model - black/130 mm
611 Ergowave Saddle - 2020 Model - black/130 mm
611 Ergowave Saddle - 2020 Model - black/130 mm
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For the specific off-road requirements: The 611 Ergowave saddle by SQlab

The 611 Ergowave was precisely designed to accommodate the requirements of off-road cycling and perfectly meet the demands of All Mountain and Enduro use. The wave-like shape and raised rear section provides perfect rearward support and an optimal pressure distribution which reaches deep into the body structures resulting in improved power transmission. The lowered nose in combination with the dip provides optimal pressure relief for the perineal area. For an even better pressure relief, especially on long technical climbs, the saddle nose of the 611 was made approx. 4mm wider than that of the 612, but just as flat and with largest possible surface area. The padding was designed for the specific needs on the MTB with better dampening properties than the 612 making it perfect for rough off-road terrain. Additionally, a premium quality Kevlar material protects the saddle in the exposed places. Due to its flex properties, the saddle is most comfortable up to 75 kg. The maximum load should not exceed 90 kg.

When choosing the correct saddle width the SQlab measuring cardboard can help.


Application: All Mountain, Enduro
Sizes: 120 x 280 mm, 130 x 280 mm, 140 x 280 mm, 150 x 280 mm
Saddle Rails: 7 x 7 mm (standard)

Technical Information:

Rail Material: S-Tube
Padding Material: Superlight Foam
Cover Material: C84

Approved For:

Weight Limit: 90 kg


- perineal area relief: 68 %
- hardness in SQ-Shore: 55

Manufacturer Part Numbers:

- 120 mm: 1882
- 130 mm: 1883
- 140 mm: 1884
- 150 mm: 1885

Note on compatibility of carbon rails:
Ensure that the seat rail clamping mechanism of your seatpost is compatible with oval shaped seat rails. In some cases, specific seat rail clamps are available separately to allow the fitting of saddles with oval shaped rails.

The wave shaped Ergowave profile which contours from the rear to the front offers a perfect form-fit shape for most sit bones. The rider does not need to be seated in an inefficient and tiring sitting position and all energy can be used for forward propulsion.

Sit Bone Measurement
A saddle should fit like a pair of shoes! If a saddle is too narrow, it creates pressure precisely where there shouldn't be any.

SQ-Shore is the measurement of how hard the padding is. SQlab saddles are available in 30-70 shore. The higher the shore, the harder the saddle.


- 1 x Sqlab 611 Ergowave saddle


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  • black/120 mm
  • black/130 mm
  • black/140 mm
  • black/150 mm

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Customer Reviews (1)


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by Hans-Peter E.  on 18.03.2021
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Genau die Passform und Verarbeitung die meine Frau gerne fährt.

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