Schwalbe Marathon Almotion Evolution V-Guard 28" Folding Tyre

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black-reflective/55-622 (28x2.15)
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Schwalbe Marathon Almotion Evolution V-Guard 28" Folding Tyre - black-reflective/50-622 (28x2.0)
Schwalbe Marathon Almotion Evolution V-Guard 28" Folding Tyre - black-reflective/50-622 (28x2.0)
Schwalbe Marathon Almotion Evolution V-Guard 28" Folding Tyre - black-reflective/50-622 (28x2.0)
Schwalbe Marathon Almotion Evolution V-Guard 28" Folding Tyre - black-reflective/50-622 (28x2.0)
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The Marathon Almotion folding tyre by Schwalbe - fast, safe and agile

Schwalbe's Marathon Almotion folding tyre in the V-Guard version focuses on weight reduction: an especially light special fabric with extreme cut resistance provides the necessary puncture protection.

Guidelines for the parts replacement of E-bikes:

Please follow the Guidelines for parts replacement of CE marked E-bikes / pedelecs with pedal assist.


Application: City & Touring
Product Line: Evolution Line (competition)
Type: folding tyre
Tubeless System: none

Technical Information:

Rubber Compound: OneStar
Tread: HS 453
Carcass: 67 tpi
Sidewall: LiteSkin
Puncture Protection: V-Guard

Strengths / Weaknesses:

Rolling Resistance: 5.5 (out of 6)
Road Grip: 4 (out of 6)
Off-Road Grip: 2 (out of 6)
Puncture Protection: 6 (out of 6)
Durability: 4 (out of 6)


40-622 (28x1.5)
Dimensions: 28 x 1.5"
ETRTO: 40-622
Air Pressure: 3.5 - 5.5 bar
Load Capacity (max.): 110 kg
Tube Recommendation: 17, 19, 18, 19A
Manufacturer Part Number: 11653994

50-622 (28x2.0)
Dimensions: 28 x 2.0"
ETRTO: 50-622
Air Pressure: 2.5 - 4.5 bar
Load Capacity (max.): 125 kg
Tube Recommendation: 19, 19A
Manufacturer Part Number: 11653992

55-622 (28x2.15)
Dimensions: 28 x 2.15"
ETRTO: 55-622
Air Pressure: 2.0 - 4.0 bar
Load Capacity (max.): 130 kg
Tube Recommendation: 19, 19A, 19F
Manufacturer Part Number: 11653993

The load capacity shown refers to only one tyre. To check if the tyres are suitable for your total weight (rider + bicycle), you can double the amount due to your total weight being spread over two tyres.


- high puncture protection
- lightweight
- very low rolling resistance when used tubeless


The best that can be done. High quality materials. The latest technology.

OneStar Triple Compound
Triple Star Compounds are the best rubber compounds by Schwalbe. The triple rubber compound comes from the top competition tyre Schwalbe One. It is based on a completely new polymer and is used here for the first time on a touring tyre. Rubber compound and tread play hand in hand. Large, smooth segments in the middle section and small, flexible lugs on the side section help the compound build up sufficient speed and grip.

Skin tyres have light, thin sidewalls. Advantage: weight saving and reduced rolling resistance. Consists only of the rubberized carcass.

An extremely light and cut-resistant high-tech fibre. This fabric provides a high degree of puncture safety for light Road and Touring tyres.

E-Bike Ready 25
For normal pedelecs with pedal assistance up to 25 km/h, the law does not prescribe any special tyres. But even with these bikes, loads and average speeds are higher than with normal bikes, so Schwalbe recommends only certain tyres as " E-Bike ready 25" (all Marathons, all Energizers, Big Apple, Big Ben, Smart Sam Plus).


- 1 x Schwalbe Marathon Almotion Evolution 28" folding tyre


  • black-reflective/55-622 (28x2.15): 740 g


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  • black-reflective/55-622 (28x2.15)

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by Paolo Z.  on 11.03.2020

Absolutely fast rolling. Would say surprisingly fast rolling. Light in rolling and facing road irregularities. Great improvment in overall comfort. My 55-622 2019 almotion V-guard is more comfortable than a 60-622 big apple. Unbelivable

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