Schwalbe Pro One Evolution 28" Folding Tyre Set

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black/25-622 (700x25c)
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Schwalbe Pro One Evolution 28" Folding Tyre Set - black/25-622 (700x25c)
Schwalbe Pro One Evolution 28" Folding Tyre Set - black/25-622 (700x25c)
Schwalbe Pro One Evolution 28" Folding Tyre Set - black/25-622 (700x25c)
Schwalbe Pro One Evolution 28" Folding Tyre Set - black/25-622 (700x25c)
Schwalbe Pro One Evolution 28" Folding Tyre Set - black/25-622 (700x25c)
Schwalbe Pro One Evolution 28" Folding Tyre Set - black/25-622 (700x25c)
Schwalbe Pro One Evolution 28" Folding Tyre Set - black/25-622 (700x25c)
Schwalbe Pro One Evolution 28" Folding Tyre Set - black/25-622 (700x25c)
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Next generation of tubeless tyres: the One MicroSkin OneStar folding tyre by Schwalbe

It's a riding thrill. It's fast. It's reliable. It's light. The patented MicroSkin construction makes this all possible. 70 g less weight, 15 % less rolling resistance and improved cut resistance all around. This is the absolute top model from Schwalbe!

You can also use the Schwalbe Pro One with a normal tube, but its true strengths are experienced in combination with Tubeless Kit as tubeless tyre.


Application: Road
Product Line: Evolution Line (competition)
Type: folding tyre
Tubeless System: TL Easy

Technical Information:

Rubber Compound: OneStar
Tread: HS 462
Carcass: 127 tpi
Sidewalls: MicroSkin

Strengths / Weaknesses:

Rolling Resistance: 6 (out of 6)
Road Grip: 5 (out of 6)
Off-Road Grip: 1.5 (out of 6)
Protection: 5 (out of 6)
Durability: 4 (out of 6)


23-622 (700 X 23c)
Dimensions: 700 x 23c
ETRTO: 23-622
Air Pressure: 5.0 - 8.5 bar
Load Capacity (max.): 70 kg
Factory Number: 11600808

25-622 (700x25c)
Dimensions: 700 x 25c
ETRTO: 25-622
Air Pressure: 5.0 - 7.5 bar
Load Capacity (max.): 70 kg
Factory Number: 11600809

The load capacity shown refers to only one tyre. To check if the tyres are suitable for your total weight (rider + bicycle) you can double the amount due to your total weight being spread over two tyres.


The very best possible highest grade materials and latest technology.

OneStar Triple Compound
Schwalbe's best and most sophisticated compound.
Triple compound. Perfectly adapted to the specific purpose. MTB(PaceStar, VertStar), Road (OneStar),Tour (RoadStar, TravelStar)

The patented construction consists of a high-tensile micro fabric which is vulcanized together with the rubber compound and the carcass. MicroSkin envelops the entyre carcass and facilitates a fault-free Tubeless Easy operation.

Tubeless Easy MicroSkin
Tubeless is the tyre technology of the future. Tubeless tyres bring clear advantages in speed, comfort, grip and puncture protection. Our new patented Microskin construction means we can create tyres that can be easily mounted tubeless, while providing some additional benefits:
Significantly lighter than previous tubeless tyres. Additional improved rolling resistance. All around improved cut resistance. Unlimited high-pressure capability.
Tubeless Easy tyres can also be used with a tube, but the best performance can only be achieved in tubeless mode.


- 2 x Schwalbe Pro One Evolution OneStar folding tyres
- 1 x Schwalbe Doc Blue (60 ml)
- 1 x Schwalbe Easy Fit (50 ml)
- 1 x AV/SV valve key


-black / 25-622 (700x25c) : 260 g (pro Reifen)


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  • black/25-622 (700x25c)

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Customer Reviews (12)


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by Rene M.  on 20.07.2017
verified purchase

Experimented on my Campagnolo Bora One 35 rims even though it was not marketed as two way fit. Fitting the tire is very easy, I did not use tire lever at all. Tried to have it seat with normal pump but failed, i brought my wheels to the tire repair shop & successfully seat the tire properly (cost me ~3 Euros). After putting sealant and inflating the tire to 95 psi, I left it idle for few days to observe if there is any air loss, it is holding the pressure negligible air loss if there is any considering that my rim is not tubeless ready.

The ride feels more comfortable than conti 4000 s2 which is good tire as well but cannot handle the road debris such as the pieces of wires from blown out car to truck tires.

I have yet to prove the puncture resistance but as far as the installation and comfort is concern this is one of the best.

Perfectly fit on Campy Bora One with Schwalbe valves minus the rim tape. I will permanently ditch the tubes & will stay tubeless.

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by Moti K.  on 29.06.2017
verified purchase
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Installed 2 tyres 25 mm on 2016 tour Transalp by Schwalbe mechanic....
Rear Tyre was fried in an emergency break so got to change it afar 1,000 km
Front Tyre is on my bike for ONE YEAR now and got more 6,000 km.
Added sealent 3 times over this period and charge a little 2-3 pumps every 2 weeks.
Run on max 100 psi
Mounting is bit difficult on my tubeless ready Fulcrum zero 2 way fit

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