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A well-functioning and reliable drivetrain is essential for your bike’s performance.

The different gear ratios resulting from 1x11-speed, 1x12-speed, 2x10-speed and 3x10-speed drivetrain set-ups all have their pros and cons. Recently, the MTB world has been moving towards 1x11-speed and even 1x12-speed drivetrains. With a single chainring in the front there is no gearing overlap, the range being determined by the smallest and the largest cog. There are significant weight savings due to the elimination of the front derailleur, the shifter, and the chainring. Dropped chains are a thing of the past and maintenance is a lot easier. However, 2x and 3x drivetrains offer a wider gearing range.

Internal gear hubs are a great alternative to derailleur based drivetrains. For City & Touring bikes they offer low maintenance and a lot of practicality. The gears are protected from the elements inside the hub and don’t require much more attention than a regular oil change.
Electric shifting is the newest trend for drivetrains, especially for road bikes. The derailleurs are not moved by mechanical cables anymore, but by little battery driven electric motors connected to the shifters via cable or radio signal like SRAM’s eTap. Electric shifting is more precise and much faster. The front derailleur even features an automatic fine tuning mechanism.

Why is there such a great price range for drivetrains? The differences lie in the shifting precision and speed. Better derailleurs also allow shifting under load, e.g. when you are riding up a steep hill and the selected gear is too difficult. In addition, more expensive drivetrain components offer substantial weight savings, being made of lighter materials like aluminum and even carbon fiber. They also have a cleaner look. Function, lightness, and design can certainly be worth the higher price tag.

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