Shimano 105 STI ST-5700 / ST-5703 2-/3-/10-speed Shift/Brake Lever

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105 STI ST-5700 / ST-5703 2-/3-/10-speed Shift/Brake Lever - black/10-speed
105 STI ST-5700 / ST-5703 2-/3-/10-speed Shift/Brake Lever - black/10-speed
105 STI ST-5700 / ST-5703 2-/3-/10-speed Shift/Brake Lever - black/10-speed
105 STI ST-5700 / ST-5703 2-/3-/10-speed Shift/Brake Lever - black/10-speed
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The 105 ST-5700 and ST-5703 Shift/Brake Levers by Shimano - Total integration

The Shimano 105 ST-5700 or ST-5703 shift/brake lever is a dual control lever with Shimano Total Integration technology, i.e. it combines braking and shifting functions. Three versions can be distinguished: ST-5700-L for controlling the front derailleur with 2 chainrings (left mounting), ST-5703-L for controlling the front derailleur with 3 chainrings (left mounting) and ST-5700-R for shifting the rear derailleur with 10-speed cassettes (right mounting). The brake lever joint has been repositioned for easier operation from above. The adjustable reach via spacers also contributes to ergonomics and comfort. With the 105 STIs, you will thus be able to better dose the braking power in all situations, especially since Super SLR technology optimises the response.


Series: 105 5700
Application: Road
Gearing: 2x, 3x, 10-speed
Shifting System: mechanical
Brake Type: mechanical

Technical Information:

Brake Lever Material: Aluminium
Lever Body Material: composite (GFRP)
Mount: clamp (closed)
Reach Adjust: spacers
Adjustment Options: reach adjust


Front Derailleur: FD-6700, FD-5700, FD-4600, FD-CX70, FD-4600, FD-R460
Cranks: FC-6700, FC-6700G, FC-6750, FC-6750G, FC-5700, FC-5750, FC-4600, FC-4650, FC-R565, FC-CX70, FC-CX50, FC-4700, FC-R460, FC-RS400
Rear Derailleur: RD-6700-A-SS, RD-5701-SS, RD-4601-SS, RD-5701-GS, RD-4601-GS, RD-R350-10-SS, RD-6700-A-GS, RD-5701-GS, RD-4601-GS
Cassette: CS-6700, CS-5700, CS-4600, CS-HG500-10, CS-M771-10, CS-HG81-10, CS-HG62-10, CS-M980
Chain: CN-7901, CN-6701, CN-5701, CN-4601, CN-M981, CN-M980, CN-HG95, CN-HG94, CN-HG75, CN-HG74, CN-HG54, CN-7801, CN-6600, CN-5600
Brake Caliper: BR-R8100, BR-R8110, BR-RS811-R, BR-R8000, BR-R8010, BR-6800, BR-6810, BR-6700, BR-R9200, BR-R9210, BR-R9100, BR-R9110, BR-9000, BR-9010, BR-7900, BR-R7000, BR-R7010, BR-5800, BR-5810, BR-5710, BR-5700, BR-4700, BR-4600, BR-R3000, BR-3500, BR-R561, BR-R2000, BR-CX70, BR-CX50, BR-CX77, BR-R517, BR-R317, BR-RS305, BR-R650*, BR-R451*, BR-R450*, BR-R550*

* with reduced braking force

Front Derailleur: FD-6703, FD-5703, FD-4603
Cranks: FC-6703, FC-6703G, FC-5703, FC-4603, FC-R563
Chain: CN-7801, CN-6600, CN-5600


- ergonomically shaped hood
- internal cable routing: easier steering, tidier handlebars
- ergonomic brake system for better access to the brake lever from above thanks to tighter joint
- better brake modulation for different riding positions
- spacer allows reduction of 5 mm or 10 mm reach to ensure maximum comfort depending on the size of the hand
- stainless steel shifter cable, SIL-TEC coated; OT-SP41 cable housing recommended
- clear coated (silver) or panted (black) main lever


STI Dual Control
Shimano Total Integration (STI) means the combination of braking and shifting functions in one lever, which increases safety when riding. By refining the technology, it became possible to make shifting so smooth at the front and rear that they can be triggered with just one finger. Shimano calls such levers Dual Control Levers (DCL).

New Super SLR
SLR stands for Shimano Linear Response. In its " new" version, this braking system is designed for maximum friction reduction in the brake caliper, brake lever and inner cable. This improves the brake's responsiveness and dosage.

SIL-TEC is Shimano's extremely low friction surface treatment. SIL-TEC is a superior, advanced coating process that improves system performance by using embedded fluorine particles. SIL-TEC products run smoother and show less wear under all conditions.


Mount: left
Gearing: 2-speed
Manufacturer Number: I-ST5700LIL (black), I-ST5700LIS (silver)

Mount: left
Gearing: 3x
- Manufacturer Numbers: I-ST5703LIL (black), I-ST5703LIS (silver)

Mount: right
Gearing: 10-speed
Manufacturer Numbers: I-ST5700RIL (black), I-ST5700RIS (silver)


- 1 x Shimano 105 ST-5700 shift / brake lever or ST-5703
- 1 x Shimano shifter cable
- 1 x end cap
- 1 x reach adjuster


  • black/2-speed, in stock
  • black/3-speed, in stock
  • black/10-speed, ships in calendar week 24 (June)

Customer Reviews (2)


Customer Reviews (2)


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by Martin J.  on 04.12.2020
1 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

On a budget touring build so chose the triple set up.
Not the easiest to install, I would in retrospect use a shop as the inner cable is a really difficult fitment to make without damaging the wire.
Dont even try to use other manufacturers cassettes or chain rings with these levers as the function deteriorates really badly. I have got it to work with a 26t inner ring with a chain catcher but forget anything bigger than a 28t cassette.
Not a fan of the very light action of the shifters nor the fact that the brake/gear shifter is combined. Much prefer Campag triples of yesteryear. Sadly the gear ranges that an alpine loaded touring bike needs are not being met by sti shifters. Bar end levers offer a wider range of choice without the safety of not moving your hands away from the levers.
Of course wide range cassettes can be used on modern doubles but are far from an ideal riding experience.
Not a great deal of options for the modern tourist unfortunately...

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by Wolfgang T.  on 04.12.2016
verified purchase
4 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

Habe mit diesem Hebel ein bauartgleichen ersetzt, dessen Schaltmechanismus durch Stürze kaputt geworden war - arbeitet völlig problemlos und im Zusammenspiel mit der 105-Schaltung exakt und ist preislich ein sehr gutes Angebot.

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