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Shimano BR-R8070 + ST-R8020 Ultegra Disc Brake Set


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Ultegra labelled disc brake: the BR-R8070 by Shimano

The BR-R8070 Hydraulic Disc Brake Caliper provides the next stage of control, allowing the rider to exert advanced brake performance in all conditions. Its sleek design integrates seamlessly in your bike’s profile.
In addition to the benefits of the ST-R8000, the ST-R8020 adds an extra bonus in combination with the hydraulic disc brake: better rider control in all conditions. The small bracket size feels great on the palms and improves the ergonomics.


Series: Ultegra R8000
Application: Road, Cyclocross
Gearing: 2-speed, 11-speed
Shifting Type: mechanical
Brake Type: hydraulic, 2 pistons
Hydraulic Fluid: mineral oil
Hose: SM-BH90-JK-SS
Hose Length (Front/Rear): 1000 mm/1700 mm

Technical Information - Shift / Brake Lever:

Lever Material: Composite
Lever Body Material: Composite
Clamp Material: steel
Mount: clamp (closed)
Reach Adjust: screw
Adjustment Options: reach adjust, free stroke adjust

Technical Information - Caliper:

Mount: flat mount
Pistons: 2
Pads: L02A resin with cooling fins (K02S resin, K04S metal, L04C metal optionally)
Design: 2-piece
Material: aluminium
Hose Connection: straight


- increased rider control in all conditions
- sleek flat mount design integrates seamlessly into a road bike’s aero profile
- ceramic pistons
- recommended rotor: SM-RT800
- caliper anodized, caliper fixing bolt (4 mm) made of steel
- redesigned internal shifting unit for quick and intuitive shifting
- increased reach adjustment range
- even lighter front shifting when paired with redesigned FD-R8000
- slimmed-down hydraulic internals for similar ergonomics between disc and rim brake configurations
- max. multiple shifts (main lever / rear): 2
- compatible with 11-speed road rear derailleurs
- shifting lever cable polymer coated
- recommended brake caliper: BR-R8070
- hose connection straight
- funnel bleeding (with adapter Y-0C698050)
- shifting lever made of resin/steel, main level painted
- for 23.8 – 24.2 mm handlebar diameter


STI Dual Control (DCL)
DCL stands for dual control lever. It has brake and shifting functions in the system and enables easy operation. Ergonomic innovation is probably more critical to the high standard performance than the added gearing. The shift internals borrow the robustness from the MTB technology and are so smooth, that effortless one finger shifts front and rear are possible. Indeed, shifting is the ultimate act of Shimano total integration, and simply has to be experienced to be understood.

Servo Wave
When you pull a servo wave brake lever initial pad travel is fast, so little lever movement is needed to bring the pads into contact with the rotor. The power multiplication factor then increases rapidly at the pad-to-rim contact so more of the lever stroke is used to apply greater braking power with improved control.

One Way Bleeding
One way bleeding was developed for quick and easy prevention of air in Shimano’s hydraulic system. Shimano has streamlined the oil route throughout the system to prevent air bubble from being captured in the system. One way oil routing plus a funnel tool with mineral oil provides an easy and clean bleeding system.

The fade, which can occur to rotor and pad when braking on a long downhill ride for instance, has a negative impact on the braking performance. Shimano has adopted Ice Technology rotors and Ice Technology pads to realize the cooling technology for consistent performance. The rotor blade, which has a 3 layer-sandwich structure of stainless steel, aluminium and stainless steel, provides better radiation performance achieving from 400 °C to 300°C surface temperature. Also, the radiation fin has been adopted for the pad. Moreover, the rotor blade and the radiator fin provide long pad life, less noise, less fade and are lightweight.

Factory Number:



- 2 x Shimano Ultegra BR-R8070 + ST-R8020 front and rear disc brakes
- 1 x Shimano SM-BH90-JK-SS 1000 mm brake hose (front)
- 1 x Shimano SM-BH90-JK-SS 1700 mm brake hose (rear)
- 2 pairs of Shimano L02A brake pads
- 1 x adapter for 140/160 mm rotors (front only)
- 2 bottles of Shimano mineral oil (50 ml)
- 2 hose connecting bolt units
- 2 x type A caliper bolts (front only)
- 2 x caliper bolts for 25 mm frame diameter (rear only)
- incl. Shimano TL-BH61 assembly tool
- incl. shifter cable
- incl. cable housing
- incl. ferrules
- bolt for 10/15/20/30/35 mm frame diameter not included
- rotor not included


-black / set (front+rear) : 840 g (Paar)

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