Shimano Deore M5130 Linkglide 1x10-speed Upgrade Kit

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Deore M5130 Linkglide 1x10-speed Upgrade Kit - black/clamp / 11-43 / 116 links
Deore M5130 Linkglide 1x10-speed Upgrade Kit - black/clamp / 11-43 / 116 links
Deore M5130 Linkglide 1x10-speed Upgrade Kit - black/clamp / 11-43 / 116 links
Deore M5130 Linkglide 1x10-speed Upgrade Kit - black/clamp / 11-43 / 116 links
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The Shimano Deore M5130 Linkglide Upgrade Kit - Durable 1x10-speed drivetrain for your e-bike

This upgrade kit provides you with the basic equipment for a Deore 1x10-speed Linkglide drivetrain, which was specially developed by Shimano for e-bikes and strenuous use in the trekking and MTB sector. It includes the Linkglide 10-speed cassette CS-LG600-10, which is characterised by particularly long durability and very smooth gear changes, and the matching CN-LG500 Linkglide chain with master link. Here you have the choice between different numbers of links, depending on whether you need a long or rather a shorter chain for your bike. Also included is the RD-M5130 10-speed rear derailleur, which features Shadow Plus technology for optimal chain retention. The SL-M5130 shifter without gear indicator can be mounted on the right side of the handlebar by means of a clamp and, thanks to the 2-way release, allows you to release the cable with your index finger or thumb.

Guidelines for Replacing E-bike Components:

Before you replace components on your e-bike, please read through the guidelines for component replacement for CE-marked e-bikes/pedelecs with pedal assistance.


Series: Deore M5100 (Linkglide)
Application: Touring, City, All Mountain
Shifters & Derailleurs: 10-speed (mechanical)

Technical Information:

Type: CS-LG600-10 (Linkglide)
Gearing: 10-speed
Gradation: 11-43 t (11-13-15-17-20-23-26-30-36-43 t)
Sprocket Material: steel
Freehub Compatibility: Shimano MTB
Note: compatible with Shimano Road 11-speed using a 1.85 mm spacer
Spider: 1 (steel)

Rear Derailleur:
Type: Deore Shadow Plus RD-M5130 short (GS)
Mount: standard
Capacity: 32-tooth
Largest Sprocket Teeth (max.): 43-tooth
Largest Sprocket Teeth (min.): 43-tooth
Smallest Sprocket Teeth (max.): 11-tooth
Smallest Sprocket Teeth (min.): 11-tooth
Chainring Difference (max.): 0-tooth
Compatibility: Shimano MTB / Trekking 10-speed (Linkglide)
Compatibility - Chains: HG-X 11-speed, CN-LG500
Derailleur Pulleys: 13-tooth
Outer Cage Material: steel
Inner Cage Material: steel
Other Materials: aluminium, stainless steel, steel, composite (GFRP)

Type: CN-LG500
Number of Links: 116, 126, 138
Closure Type: master link (Quick-Link)
Pin Type: chromium-plated, solid
Directional: yes
Material: steel

Type: Deore SL-M5130 (Rapidfire Plus)
Mount: clamp (closed)
Body Material: Aluminium
Lever Material: composite (GFRP), steel
Cable: stainless steel (Optislick)
Cable Housing: OT-SP41


E-bike Drivetrain: EP8 for MTB / Trekking
Freehub / Over Locknut Dimension:
- Shimano MTB: 135 mm, 141 mm, 142 mm, 148 mm
- Shimano Road: 135 mm, 142 mm


- Linkglide cassette (LG) for long-lasting, smooth shifting performance
- smooth shifting inwards and outwards
- less shift jerk
- 3x more durable than Hyperglide+, especially under high load and chain tension
- pinion partly nickel-plated, partly with black chrome-cobalt coating
- pinion carrier plated
- lockring made of chromed steel

- Linkglide chain (LG) for smooth, defined gear changes
- for Linkglide 10-/11-speed and Hyperglide 11-speed drivetrains
- reliable function
- outer plate: grey, inner plate: grey
- with master link for easy installation

Rear Derailleur:
- smooth, defined shifting in the Linkglide system
- low profile
- chain stabilizer (Shadow+) against chain drops, chain slaps and noise
- guide and tension pulley with plain bearing
- painted cage plates
- 7 pivot bushings, fluorine-coated

- quick lever access and easy operation
- fast and defined gear changes
- 2-Way Release technology
- adjustment options: cable routing
- max. number of gears per shift: 2 (main lever, rear)
- Optislick cable with a minimal, uniform galvanic coating for more efficient cable routing and corrosion resistance
- painted housing
- stainless steel clamp bolts

Manufacturer Numbers:

Cassette: I-CSLG60010143
Chain: I-CNLG500116Q (116 links), I-CNLG500126Q (126 links), I-CNLG500138Q (138 links)
Rear Derailleur: I-RDM5130GS
Shifter: I-SLM5130RA1P


Shimano Deore M5130 1x10 Upgrade Kit, consisting of:
- 1 x Shimano CS-LG600-10 cassette
- 1 x Shimano Deore RD-M5130 Shadow+ rear derailleur
- 1 x Shimano CN-LG500 with 116 chain or 126 or 138 links
- 1 x Shimano Deore SL-M5130 shifter
- 1 x Shimano cable, 2050 mm
- 1 x Shimano 1880 mm cable housing
- 3 x Shimano 6 mm sealed end caps
- 1 x Shimano long nose end cap
- 1 x Shimano cassette end ring
- 1 x Shimano Quick-Link master link


  • black/clamp / 11-43 / 116 links, out of stock
  • black/clamp / 11-43 / 126 links, out of stock
  • black/clamp / 11-43 / 138 links, out of stock

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