Specialized Phenom Pro Elaston Saddle

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Phenom Pro Elaston Saddle - black/155 mm
Phenom Pro Elaston Saddle - black/155 mm
Phenom Pro Elaston Saddle - black/155 mm
Phenom Pro Elaston Saddle - black/155 mm
Phenom Pro Elaston Saddle - black/155 mm
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The Phenom Pro saddle by Specialized - with Elaston padding

The Specialized Phenom Pro Elaston saddle is aimed at long distance riders and has been designed with super-light oversized carbon struts, a recess in the middle and medium strength Elaston padding. The padding is made from about a thousand foam beads, which ensures maximum comfort and provides an optimum balance between damping and feedback both on- and off-road. Added to this are the flexible edges, which adapt to the individual anatomy of the rider, as well as the saddle's Body Geometry Design, which is designed for optimal blood circulation. Threads are integrated into the saddle shell to allow the attachment of Specialized SWAT™ accessories.


Cross Country, All Mountain, City & Touring, Gravel, Road
143 mm, 155 mm
Saddle Rails:
7 x 9 mm (oval)

Technical Information:

Rail Material:
Shell Material:
composite material
Padding Material:
Foam (Elaston)
Cover Material:
composite material


  • patented, laboratory developed Body Geometry Design for optimal blood flow to sensitive arteries
  • lightweight Elaston padding, consisting of roughly 1000 expanded beads for outstanding comfort on long rides
  • friction-reducing material on the saddle nose and rear improves pedalling efficiency and increases mobility on the saddle
  • oversized FACT™ carbon saddle rails: super light, stiff and robust
  • Level 2 padding: medium density foam provides a direct connection to the bike with comfortable cushioning
  • two threads in the saddle shell allow the attachment of SWAT accessories, e.g. MTB Bandit, Road Bandit, Stormproof Saddlebags


FACT is an acronym for " Functional Advanced Composite Technology" and summarises all the know-how that Specialized has in the use of carbon fibre. It is a holistic approach, which primarily concerns the bike frames, but is found in many components such as handlebars, stems, saddles etc. The starting point is always the awareness for the needs of drivers and the capability to fulfil them. Next, the selection of fibres, resins and fabric layers takes place; in this process the quality of the carbon and the arrangement of the fibre layers play an important role. It is important to find the right set-up for the project at hand and the intended location or rather the area of application. It is often necessary to differentiate from model to model at several points. In the final step, attention is paid to processing the material in a way that allows the desired advantages in terms of low weight, rigidity and stability to be achieved.

Body Geometry
Body Geometry products from Specialized address the contact points between rider and bike. They are designed in collaboration with doctors, scientists and athletes to increase performance, improve riding comfort and prevent injuries, taking into account medical-anatomical aspects. Body Geometry features are found on Specialized saddles (padding, shaping), shoes (outsole, footbed, etc.) as well as gloves (padding).

Manufacturer Numbers:

143 mm:
155 mm:


  • 1 x Specialized Phenom Pro Elaston saddle


  • black/143 mm: 207 g
  • black/155 mm: 219 g


  • black/143 mm, in stock
  • black/155 mm, in stock

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