Stages Shimano GRX RX810 Power L Power Meter Crank Arm

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Shimano GRX RX810 Power L Power Meter Crank Arm - black/172.5 mm
Shimano GRX RX810 Power L Power Meter Crank Arm - black/172.5 mm
Shimano GRX RX810 Power L Power Meter Crank Arm - black/172.5 mm
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Stages Shimano GRX RX810 Power L Power Meter Crank Arm - Power Meter Goes Gravel

Thanks to the Stages Shimano GRX RX810 Power L power meter crankarm, Gravel riders can now enjoy highly accurate power measurement. The power meter is pre-installed on a left GRX crankarm, which can be installed on all Shimano Hollowtech II compatible frames. Each Stages Power L is individually calibrated, resulting in a sensational measuring accuracy of +/- 1.5 %. Active Temperature Compensation (ATC), which eliminates the possible influence of environmental conditions, is central to determining correct performance data. It's not for nothing that cyclists of various disciplines, including many cycling pros, have relied on Stages Power technology for years. The Tour de France itself was the toughest proving ground for the Power L. With the purchase of a Shimano GRX power meter you get two months of premium access to the training platform Stages Link for free.

Information regarding the return of batteries and electrical equipment:

Information on the return and disposal of used batteries and electrical equipment can be found here.


Application: Gravel
Type: crankarm with performance measurement (left)
Compatibility: 1-speed, 2-speed

Technical Information:

Crankarm Material: aluminium
Crankarm Length: 170.0 mm, 172.5 mm, 175.0 mm
Axle Diameter: 24 mm
Compatible BSA Shell Width: 68 mm
Recommended Bottom Bracket: SM-BBR60 or SM-BB72-41B Pressfit Hollowtech II
Tolerance: +/-1.5 percent
Point of Measurement: crank arm
Power Source: CR2032 button cell
Battery Life: min. 200 hours
Data Collected: cadence (20-220 UpM), power (0-2500 W), torque
Waterproof: IPX7
Data Transfer: ANT+, Bluetooth


- compatible with Shimano GRX Hollowtech II drive sides
- compatible with most frame models, see Stages Support website
- compatible software: Stages Link, Training Peaks, Strava, Garmin Training Center etc.


- left side power measurement (sensor on left crankarm)
- flat design with robust connection between battery cover and housing
- battery service by user: tool-free battery change
- active temperature compensation
- built-in cadence sensors, no magnet necessary
- integrated LED display displays battery status and calibration result
- improved acceleration sensor and additionally integrated ring laser for improved cadence resolution
- wireless firmware update via Stages App
- Near Field Communication (NFC) with Tap-To-Pair for easy connection to many smartphones and other devices
- improved Bluetooth and ANT+ antennas increase data transmission strength by a factor of 6
- additional weight only 15 g


Stages Power Meter
No moving parts and all packed under an extremely stable ABS-PC case - the Stages power meter does not damage the structure and therefore the stability of the crankarm. It adds the ability to measure power to the crank.
Power is the measurement of the mechanical work you do on the bike and the most accurate way to measure your effort. In contrast to heart rate, which is highly dependent on physiological influences such as stress, lack of sleep, caffeine, ambient temperature, time of day, fluid balance and other factors, performance shows exactly how much work you do and how effective your training is. Performance measurement is the perfect tool to understand what progress you make during training, but also how performance levels and fatigue develop. Simply put - if you want to know how in shape you are, test your power.
The cadence and torque data acquired (see below) are multiplied to determine the power of one pedal revolution.

Torque Measurement
In order to measure the torque, strain gauges specially developed by Stages are applied precisely along the crankarm. Strain gauges, which are also used in a similar form in space travel, can detect the smallest of bends even in the stiffest crank. Each pedal revolution causes a minimal bend along the crankarm. This downwards directed force occurs at each revolution. Multiplying this force by 9.8 m/s2 and the length of the crankarm gives the force applied per pedal revolution - this is the torque.

Cadence Measurement
The Stages power meter measures cadence using an accelerometer (same technology that allows smartphones to adjust the display depending on position). The accelerometer is part of the specially designed electronic circuit board, eliminating the need for outdated magnets, external sensors and cable ties to measure cadence. This state-of-the-art technology also allows the power meter to detect the position of the crank several times per revolution. This results in faster information transfer and better performance data.

Active Temperature Compensation (ATC)
Stage power meters are equipped with active temperature compensation (ATC). Different temperatures cause strain gauges to expand or contract by a certain amount. ATC allows the power meter to compensate for temperature changes that would otherwise affect the strain gages and their ability to accurately measure forces. The most important thing is that Stages ATC works automatically and continuously while riding - so you don't have to stop pedalling.

ANT+ / Bluetooth Transmission
The Stages power meter was the first power meter on the market to use Bluetooth smart transmission in addition to ANT+.
- enables bidirectional communication between the Stages power meter and a smartphone or Bluetooth enabled bike computer
- sends more data per second to end devices compared to ANT+
- makes every Stages power meter fit for the future, as updates are possible wirelessly
- no need for cables or external ports - simply update your firmware from your smartphone
- load training sessions from your smartphone easily and directly to Strava or TrainingPeaks.
ANT+ is the gold standard for wireless communication in the cycling and fitness industry. The system is simple, robust and allows cyclists to add performance measurement to the ANT+ enabled bike computer.

StagesPower App
Make your power meter fit for the future. The data recorded by your Stages power meter can be transferred directly to the StagesPower App. Use the app to update your firmware and have access to innovations. Check if new firmware versions are available. Perform a zero point calibration of the power meter using the app. Track power and cadence. Observe the battery level of the power meter. In addition, high-speed data recording is available, which impressively demonstrates the sensitivity of the Stages power meter and enables scientific data acquisition.

Stages Link
Stages Link offers cyclists at all levels of performance individual coaching and knowledge transfer tailored to the needs of each athlete. As a desktop application or app, Stages Link is the hub of cloud-based coaching, knowledge platform, training analysis and a tool for maintaining your training equipment, developed in close collaboration with Today's Plan analysis specialists. Stages Link customises training plans down to individual training units to optimise the performance of athletes and enable them to achieve their goals. Stages Link also helps you quickly set up your Stages Dash bike computer and check your Stages power meter, but is also compatible with devices from other manufacturers. Get access to Stages Link for two months free when you purchase a Stages Dash computer. Access to basic functions is always free.

Manufacturer Part Numbers:

170.0 mm: GRXL-C
172.5 mm: GRXL-D
175.0 mm: GRXL-E


Stages Power L XT GRX, consisting of:
- 1 x Stages Shimano GRX RX810 left crankarm with power meter
- 1 x CR2032 batteries


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  • black/170.0 mm
  • black/172.5 mm
  • black/175.0 mm

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Customer Reviews (1)


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by Roland B.  on 02.05.2021 (modified on 02.05.2021)
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Von den Stages GRX Kurbeln habe ich 2 im Einsatz. Völlig problemlos, die mittlerweile dritte Stages-Generation hat die Kinderkrankheiten hinter sich. Gespiegelt zu meinen Favero Assioma double und dem Power2max sind die Werte innerhalb der üblichen Abweichungen. Keine Frage, es gibt für Auswerteprofis sicher aufregenderes, für meinen Verwendungszweck ist der Stages Kurbelarm mehr als ausreichend.

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