Supernova B54 Battery Pack

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The B54 Battery Pack by Supernova - always a second battery in your gear

With the B54 Battery Pack by Supernova, even tours lasting for days without charging are no longer a problem. If the battery of your B54 light runs out, you can simply replace it and benefit from additional lighting while you ride.

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Type: lithium-ion battery
Voltage: 10.9 V
Energy Quantity: 54 Wh
Capacity: 4954 mAh
Charge Time: 2.5 h (fast charge), 6 h (Longlife mode)


- M99 Mini PRO B54
- Bluetooth
- smartphones and smartwatches with Apple iOS
- smartphones and smartwatches with Android as of version 7.0


- mount with hook & loop strap, e.g. on the frame
- padded mount


Hibernation Mode: If the battery is not to be used for a long time, it can be put into hibernation mode. It is then kept at voltage on the charger in such a way that the chemical ageing of the battery can be almost completely stopped. This also prevents deep discharging.

Longlife Mode: The Longlife mode provides the battery cells with a particularly long service life. A special process-controlled charge prevents the cells from overheating during the charging process. In addition, the battery is only 85% charged in this state. This prevents a damaging high battery voltage.

Optimum Temperature: The battery has an optimum charging temperature of approx. 20 °C. The cell chemistry of the charging process is severely damaged by significantly higher or lower temperatures. For this reason, an integrated battery heater ensures the optimum charging temperature in very cold conditions. In the event of heat above 40 °C, the charge is automatically prevented until the temperature has fallen again. In addition, the silver-polished aluminium housing reflects the sun's rays and can therefore provide much better protection against overheating than a black plastic housing.

Coming Home Mode: After your ride you can simply leave the lights on. A vibration sensor has been integrated which detects the end of the journey and switches off the light after a few minutes with a time delay. This way the climb out of the dark bicycle cellar is still illuminated.

Light Sensor: The light sensor in the battery enables intelligent activation of the low beam when darkness falls or sudden light changes, e.g. when riding through tunnels.

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- 1 x Supernova B54 Battery Pack


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  • polished silver/universal

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