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Tacx Neo Smart T2800 Trainer - 2018 Model

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Interactive Smart trainer with direct drive: the Neo Smart T2800 trainer from Tacx

The Neo Smart is the most powerful and silent indoor trainer to date. It is the only real direct drive as it does not contain any physical transmission like a roller or belt. The Neo is also the only indoor trainer that can simulate different types of road surfaces. The 2018 model has been updated so that Triathlon bikes can also be used.

The lack of any physical transmission, and in turn any parts that could rattle or rub against each other, ensures this trainer is extremely quiet. In addition, this trainer requires no calibration and suffers no wear and tear. Just like other Smart trainers, the NEO communicates using ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart, allowing it to be connected quickly and easily with Tacx apps. Performance data can be viewed on several devices simultaneously, including your smartphone, bike computer and sports watch. Furthermore, the Tacx NEO features Plug in/Plug out technology and can therefore be used with and without a plug. When the plug is not in use, the trainer will act as a wireless motor brake. This means the trainer will be not be able to speed up during descents. So you can use this trainer anytime and anywhere, even when you don’t have your smartphone with you.

A virtual flywheel dynamically controls the brake force. This means that the resistance is calculated and adjusted continually to simulate natural road resistance. Whereas other trainers use a flywheel to pass the dead center, the NEO uses calculations to predict the movements of the bike and simulate the action of a flywheel.


Type: direct drive
Resistance Type: magnetic (interactive), electronically controlled
Compatible Wheel Sizes: 20" - 29" for Road and MTB
Included Software: Tacx Cloud, Tacx Training App, Tacx Cycling App / for optimal use, we recommend a firmware update with the Tacx Utility App

Technical Information:

Resistance Unit: motor brake
Resistance Levels: continuous
Resistance Adjustment: interactive
Flywheel: virtual
Brake Power (max.): 2200 watts at 40 km/h
Power Meter: yes, accuracy +/- 1 %
Simulated Slope (max.): 25 % (at 75 kg total weight)
Simulated Descent: to -5 %
Power Source: 110 - 240 V, operable without power
Size (L x W x H): 575 x 750 x 550 mm


Data Transfer: Bluetooth 4.0, ANT+
Protocol: FE-C (Fitness-Equipment-Control), PWR (Power), S&C (Speed & Cadence)


Wheel Size: 20" , 24" , 26" , 27.5" , 28" , 29"
Axle Type: quick release, thru-axles sold separately
Over Locknut Dimension: 130 mm, 135 mm, (142 mm, 148 mm using separate thru-axle adapter set)
Freehub Body Compatibility: 8-/9-/10-/11-speed Shimano/SRAM (Road), Freehub Body 11-speed Campagnolo for Flux and Neo

Approved For:

Weight Limit: 125 kg rider weight


- no calibration needed
- high power at low speeds
- large and stable frame
- foldable
- realistic road feeling due to flexible frame
- keeps the bike in place with included front wheel support

Note from the manufacturer:

When using a Campagnolo cassette you can use your current lockring. A Shimano/SRAM lockring is included which can be mounted with standard tools.
The Tacx EDCO MULTISYS freehub body is compatible with the following cassettes:
Shimano: (12 splines)
- 9-speed: all models
- 10-speed: all models
- 11-speed: all models

SRAM: (9 splines)
- 9-speed: all models
- 10-speed: all models
- 11-speed: all models

Campagnolo: (4 splines)
- compatible with all models that have sprockets riveted to a spider
- 9-speed (current models): Centaur, Ghibli
- 10-speed (current models): Record, Record Ti, Chorus, Centaur to 2009, Centaur as of 2011
- 11-speed (older models): Record, Record Ti, Super Record / Super Record Ti / Chorus / Athena

not compatible: Campagnolo: (8 splines)
- not compatible with cassettes that feature individual sprockets
- 9-speed (older models): Centaur
- 10-speed (current models): Veloce / Centaur 2009 - 2011
- 11-speed (older models): Centaur


Standalone training:
Tacx Smart trainers also function without being connected to a device; they will simulate a flat road. This is perfect for straightforward, short training as you simply get on and start riding.
As soon as you start pedalling the trainer recognizes it is not connected and calculates the needed resistance for a flat road. In doing so, it takes all relevant factors into account, like rolling resistance and air resistance. This ensures a very realistic simulation of a flat road. The resistance changes progressively: the higher your speed, the higher the resistance.

Plug-in/Plug-out Technology:
The trainer can be used with and without a plug. When riding on the trainer without a plug, it functions like a wireless motor brake (like the Bushido). The permanent motor and electronics are set to generate energy from your movement, enabling the trainer to communicate with apps and control the resistance unit. It features all Smart functionalities, but you will have to keep cycling to maintain the communication and control of the trainer. For an optimal cycling experience we advise you to use the plug. Without one, it cannot simulate descents and when you stop pedalling the trainer will soon come to a stop. Road feel is always available.

Downhill drive:
This feature enables the simulation of a descent and the dead centre in your pedal stroke. When you are going down a mountain in a Tacx Film, virtual world or GPS based training, the wheel keeps spinning. Just like when you´re riding outdoors.

High intelligence:
The innovative power flow design and motor design are enhanced by a highly intelligent mind. The electronics, and especially its firmware, create the trainer. The position of all rotating parts are specified and controlled a thousand times per second. The electronics are 100 % of the time in control of the feeling in the riders legs. The combination of a smart design with Smart electronics create a unique product, making the Neo the only one of its kind. This brute force is harnessed by a highly intelligent mind. True road feel for any person and all slope magnitudes are achieved by the variable inertia control, by using FAST-technology the Neo predicts your movement 1000x per second and adjusts the resistance accordingly.

Innovative motor design:
The Neo derives its strength from an electromotor containing 32 precisely positioned magnets that rotate around 30 coils. The higher the current through the coils, the larger the magnetic force and the higher the brake power. Its motor can generate a maximum power of 2500 watts with a torque of 85Nm, enabling high resistance at low speeds. This means that even the steepest climbs are realistically simulated.

Motor brake:
The motor brake is the most advanced resistance unit producing the most realistic cycling feeling. The resistance is calculated and generated by an electromotor. The motor can both hold back (brake) and drive the wheel or chain, enabling the simulation of a descent. It will keep spinning; just like outdoors you do not have to pedal. This downhill drive feature also enables a realistic simulation of the dead point in your pedal stroke. In addition, the motor brake is the most powerful and can generate high resistance at low speeds. This makes the motor brake especially suited for simulating steep climbs. Due to these features, Tacx trainers with a motor brake are ideally suited for training on mountain stages.

Direct drive:
The bike is placed in the direct drive trainer without its rear wheel; the resistance is applied directly to the rear axle. This causes a more realistic and user-friendly trainer. There are no transmissions causing any loss of power, ensuring a very realistic cycling feeling and accurate measurements of your speed, cadence and power. In addition, there is no wear and no slipping of the tyre; the direct drive is maintenance free and your bike is easily mounted on it.

Road feel:
The Neo is the only trainer featuring road feel, enabling you to experience the sensation of cobblestones, mud and other kinds of roads. You feel the road’s vibrations just like you would outdoors. Each road has certain imperfections causing vibrations in your bike. The Neo is capable of simulating these vibrations and transferring them to your bike by continuously controlling the motor.

LED lamp:
A LED glow provides feedback on how much power you´re pedalling with. When pushing more watts, the light will turn more red.

Factory Number:



- 1 x Tacx Neo Smart T2800 trainer
- 1 x Tacx front wheel support
- 1 x Tacx freehub body
- 1 x 5 mm spacer
- 1 x Tacx quick release skewer for Road and MTB (5 mm)
- cassette not included
- cassette removal tool not included


-black / universal : 21,5 kg

Customer Ratings

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 on 12.11.2018
1 0

Also ich bin zufrieden von der Funkionalität. Zwei sachen finde ich nicht Gut.
1. Blöd zum tragen, kein Griff vorhanden.
2. Körper zu Dick. Die Scheibenbremse berührt den Trainer.

Aber zu Wahoo oder Elite hat bessere Funktionen. Die Scheibenbremse habe ich abmontiert. Was bisschen blöd ist.

Was this review helpful?
 on 25.10.2018
2 0

Mein Vorredner erzählt Blödsinn. Der Neo empfängt natürlich ANT+ Signale. Bis ich Zwift am Laufen hatte vergingen 5s. Brustgurt anlegen, Garmin (sofern vorhanden anschalten), Zwift starten (vorher natürlich ANT+-Dongle am Laptop einstecken) und Zwift erkennt sofort den Tacx-Neo sowie den Brustgurt. Garmin erkennt Tacx Neo ebenfalls sofort.
Über das Gerät an sich: Das Beste am Markt. Alles weitere kann man aus Tests oder in Foren lesen.

Was this review helpful?
 on 30.08.2018
3 0

Ein absolut genialer Trainer! Super leise, selbst bei harten Intervallen schlafen im Nebenzimmer die Kinder seelenruhig.
In Verbindung mit Zwift oder anderen Online Trainingsportalen absolute Suchtgefahr.
So fit kam ich noch nie durch die dunkle Jahreszeit!

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verified purchase
 on 22.08.2018
3 8

Der Aufbau erfolgte ohne Schwierigkeiten. Probleme bereitete mir die Anbindung des Tacx an die digitale Welt, ohne die eine sinnvolle Nutzung des Trainers nicht möglich ist. Hier muss die Firma bei den üppigen Preisen in Form einer aussagekräftigen und aktuellen Anleitung nacharbeiten! Mit Hilfe des kompetenten E-Mail Supports war ich am Ende dann doch noch erfolgreich.
Drei Tipps für potentielle Käufer: 1. Der Neo Smart kommuniziert nur über Bluetooth. Deshalb kann immer nur eine der potentiellen Tacx Apps mit dem Trainer und/oder dem HF-Gurt gekoppelt sein. 2. Der HF-Gurt muss Bluetooth Signale senden. Eine ANT+-Antenne (wie in meiner Schnellstart-Anleitung vorgegeben) und ein ANT+ Gurt werden nicht erkannt. 3. Gute Erfahrungen habe ich mit der Tacx Cycling app auf dem Tablet gemacht. Wenn man sich dabei nicht kostenpflichtig in der Cloud anmelden will muss das Einloggen über "work offline" erfolgen. Die Tacx Utility app und die Trainings app halte ich für entbehrlich. Die Tacx Desktop App für den Laptop macht einen guten Eindruck, erfordert für ein vernünftiges Training aber die Anbindung an die Cloud. Das werde ich demnächst mal testen.
Fazit: Wenn der Neo Smart läuft, vermittelt er ein realistisches Fahrgefühl, ist relativ leise und bietet eine Vielzahl sehr guter Trainingsmöglichkeiten. Für die Nerverei bei der Anbindung der Hardware an die Apps gibt es von mir aber zwei Sterne Abzug.

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