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Tires: there is more than meets the eye!

Tires are the only contact your bike has to the ground. That is why choosing the right tire is very important, but there is a huge selection to choose from. What are the differences and what tread do you need when?

Bicycle tires can be spilt into three main groups: wired tires, folding tires, and tubular tires. Wired tires have a steel wire in the bead. The wire holds the tire in form even when it is not sitting on a rim, and it does not fold. Folding tires usually have a Kevlar bead. Folding tires are more lightweight and, as the name suggest, can be folded.

Many wired and folding tires can be ridden tubeless, but you should check with the manufacturer before converting. Not all tires can be ridden tubeless.

Tubular tires had their start in the road bike segment, but slowly they are making their way over into MTB. Tubular tires have their tube sewn onto the tire. They are then glued to the rim. To ride on tubular tires you need special rims.

Generally, large volume tires are more comfortable than those with less volume are. However, wider tires are heavier and are more difficult to pedal up to acceleration.

How well a tire rolls depends mostly on the rubber compound. Hard compounds roll better and are more durable than softer tires. Softer tires however, offer more grip.

Though there is not a perfect tire for every terrain, a tire should be chosen based on your riding style and personal preferences. You need to feel safe with your tire.

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