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Riding in the snow and over ice can be daunting. However, if your bike is equipped with spikestud, or winter tread tyres, cycling at sub-zero is fun again. Investing in a set of winter tyres is definitely worth it because of the increased safety they provide when commuting to work or riding your now icy trails. So get to it and make the switch, winter is here!

"Make sure to ride your new spike tyres 50 km on asphalt to set the metal pins. If ridden in soft or harsh terrain right out of the box, chances are a few spikes will fall out."

Sebastian , Marketing

Spare Spikes

"Special siped bicycle winter tyres are good at providing extra grip in the snow. They do this by increasing the surface area when the sipes, or small cuts, spread out as they make contact with the surface. However, if there is ice, spike tyres are still the best bet."

Christoph , Product Management
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100 day return period
CO2 neutral shipping with DHL
Trusted Shop 4.88/5.00

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