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The Selector (road bike) and the Radiator (gravel bike) are two routes that will really challenge you.

  1. Complete one of the two routes as a day or multi-day tour by the end of the year.
  2. Send us a screenshot of the recorded tour (Strava, Komoot, etc.) and a photo taken on the tour via the contact form below.
  3. Receive a limited-edition cycling cap to match the Selector or Radiator as well as an entry in the finisher list. 
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You can find the route on Komoot here

From the bc store in Aachen, the route takes you to Belgium through the Aachen Forest in the direction of the Lake Eupen. Via Lac de la Gileppe we continue into the High Fens to the highest point in Belgium (Signal de Botrange / 694 m). From here you continue through the Fens to Küchelscheid and through Monschau to gain the Rursee before riding up to the Dreiborn plateau. Past the Kall, Wehebach and Dreilägerbach dams, the route then takes you back to Aachen on gravel paths with magnificent Eifel views.

The following waypoints can be helpful on the tour for food and support:
42 km Wesertalsperre (Lake Eupen) Visitor Centre / Restaurant
96 km Le Signal de Botrange / Restaurant
115 km Monschau / Gastronomy & Hotels
125 km Camping Hammer
132 km Einruhr / Gastronomy & Hotels
157 km Excursion pub Urfttalsperre
178 km Lammersdorf service station (300 m to the left of the route)
202 km Hürtgen / Gastronomy

You can find the route on Komoot here

The warm-up programme for this road bike tour goes from the bc store to the Dutch South Limburg and takes you through Kruisberg, Eyserbosweg and Keutenberg. It continues into the High Fens - past Baraque Michel. You will ride over some Ardennes hills to reach the racetrack of Spa Francorchamps. Once past there, the tour will take you back to the Eifel in Germany. You will circle the Rursee on the Kermeter before returning to Aachen via Simonskall and Zweifall.

The following waypoints can be helpful on the tour for food and support:
83 km Aubel / Gastronomy
119 km Baraque Michel / Gastronomy
153 km Malmedy / Gastronomy & Hotels
189 km Monschau / Gastronomy & Hotels
197 km Rohren / Supermarket
216 km Einruhr / Gastronomy & Hotels
228 km Gemünd / Gastronomy & Hotels
242 km Heimbach / Gastronomy & Hotels
277 km Kornelimünster / Gastronomy

Find here a list of all successful participants in alphabetical order.  

First Name Last Name Challenge
Alexander Breuer Selector
Christina Streb Selector
Christoph Hünten Selector
Dion Jakobs Selector
Eyk Liebe Radiator
Heiko Homrighausen Selector
Johanna Rüdt Radiator
Kristina Schaaff Selector
Linda Hermanns Radiator
Michael Schmitz Radiator
Nico Unger Selector
Oliver Kettler Selector
Stefan Heidrich Radiator
Stephan Bock Selector
Thomas Burbach Radiator


When you have successfully completed one of the two routes, all you have to do is fill in this form and send it off. After your name is published here in the finisher list, you can either pick up your cap at the bc store in Aachen or we will send it to you. If you want it to be shipped, please do not forget to include your full address.   

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Conditions of participation & disclaimer

  • Despite careful route planning, it is possible that certain sections are (temporarily) not passable or may generally no longer be passable. Hunting seasons, i.e., can be a reason. Keep to these guidelines and please inform us so that we can plan an alternative route for other participants.
  • Participation in the bc Challenges in Aachen is at your own risk. The routes offered do not include accident insurance. Lack of accident or liability insurance cover is solely at the risk of the participant. Each participant is responsible for adhering to the road traffic regulations and must act in such a way that neither he/she nor third parties or their property are harmed. Should he/she nevertheless cause damage to himself/herself or to third parties or their property, he/she shall bear the resulting damage himself/herself. Liability by bike-components and in particular for bodily harm (injury and death) is excluded to the extent permitted by law.
  • We will use the photo you sent of your ride on different channels to present this challenge. The photos sent will not be used independently of this challenge.
  • Your first and last name will only be used in the finisher list.
  • Respect nature and leave no more than tyre tracks.
  • The routes take you to remote areas that are home to many wild animals. Please respect them and keep quiet.