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When you’re out on your bike, you naturally don't want to do without the things you need for a bike tour. Whether on the short rides on your local trails, an extensive day tour, on a several-day alpine crossing or a trip to the bike park, with a backpack you always have everything you need with you. Depending on where and how long your ride is, you have very different requirements for a bicycle backpack. On a multi-day tour you will need plenty of storage space, so the backpacks for this application are correspondingly large. When you go on a day trip, the range of matching backpacks goes from minimalist small and light to medium size. And for a day in the bike park, a model with an integrated back protector naturally becomes important.

Wherever you go with your bike on your next ride, with the right backpack you'll be well equipped to carry all the essentials.

On a multi-day tour you need a backpack with enough storage space. This way you can stow all necessary accessories, such as tools, food and also the second set of clothes, away neatly. Here you will find our selection of backpacks with and without integrated back protectors, which are designed for this exact application.

A day trip can mean more or less gear from one day to the next. In our selection you will find small, lightweight hip bags and especially compact backpacks for the quick rides with less space requirements as well as medium to large backpacks if the tour is rather long. In addition, you will also find a separate selection of matching backpacks with integrated back protectors.

Even on your next trip to the bike park, you don’t have to do without all the essentials for a fun day. We have put together a selection of suitable backpacks for you. Here you will find small and light hip bags and compact backpacks with integrated back protectors, as well as medium-sized backpacks with protectors, should the day in the bike park be more extensive and thus require more space.

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