e*thirteen trs and LG1 Plus and Race 2018 tyres models.

With an improved carcass and a Dual-Ply version for Downhill riding, e*thirteen has hit the 2018 tyre market shredding. Their Single-Ply TRS Enduro tyres have been updated and they have released the LG1 to give those Downhill monsters exactly what they want. Both mountain bike tyres are available in 27.5” and 29” sizes with two different rubber compound mixtures. The Race version has a high tack compound on the side lugs and the Plus version uses the same throughout. Either way, these tyres can ride!


TRS (Enduro) LG1 (Downhill)
TRS Race 27.5": 995 g LG1 Race 27.5": 1.158 g
TRS Race 29": 1,094 g LG1 Race 29": 1,257 g
TRS Plus 27.5": 990 g LG1 Plus 27.5": 1,119 g
TRS Plus 29": 1,033 g LG1 Plus 29": 1,162 g
weights can vary +/- 30 g weights can vary +/- 30 g