"I designed the dropper post I wanted for my bike. The longest post that would fit, with the shortest stack and a remote I could use without releasing my grip on the handlebar. I'm super happy with how it turned out, I'm stoked to say its the best dropper I've ever ridden."

Jonathan, OneUp Components Engineer & Owner

The path to a dropper post

"OneUp, one of the most authentic brands in the bike world."

As a Brand Manager here at bike-components, one of my favorite companies to work with is OneUp. The contact I have with Chris, Jon and Sam is by far the best part of my job. Their love of riding, beer, nature, pure fun and well-designed products connects them to the true spirit of mountain biking like no other brand. ‘Work less Ride more!’ is their company slogan, and I can’t think of any better sentiment.

Unpacking OneUp products, I can almost smell the Canadian trails. Everything they produce is reliable and works without out question. This is what made me a OneUp fan in the end.

The start

When I heard they were introducing a dropper post I was psyched. Anyone who knowns their history, understands that they never stop tinkering on new ways to improve the riding experience.

OneUp had their start roughly four years ago when three RaceFace employees decided to break out of the 9-5 grind and found a MTB company. Jon, Chris and Sam took that step and moved into the mountains near Squamish, British Columbia and started making bike parts.

The Shark-Kit

Their first product was the Shark Upgrade Kit that took existing 10 or 11 speed drivetrains and boosted their range so riders could have more space at the bottom and top of their gearing. The Shark Kits were extremely successful and proved that OneUp was a viable brand.

Innovation don't stop

OneUp continued to increase their assortment of products around MTB drivetrains. Things like chain guides, chainrings and their Switch System soon followed. The idea behind OneUp is the make riders’ lives easier and their Switch System is the perfect example. With it they found a way to swap chainrings without having to remove the cranks. The system is compatible with both round and oval rings as well as every MTB crank manufacturer. A true testament to making every rider's life easier.

Two other products that are equally important are the EDC Tool System and Gear Strap. The EDC (Every Day Carry) allows riders to tuck away a multi-tool in the fork steerer or on a pump. Combined with the Gear Strap and OneUp has eliminated the need to wear a backpack at all. It’s all about working less and riding more!


Pedals and droppers

Their pedals hit the market at the same time and their performance, light weight and durability at such a great price point guarantee that riders’ feet stay put on every trail.

And now OneUp has introduced a new product that is sure to stir up the bike scene: a dropper post. You see, when OneUp can’t find the product that works just right for them, they start making it themselves. They wanted a post that gave them tons of travel without extreme stack and that is exactly what this dropper does. No other manufacture has achieved this and it is of course reliable, has an ergonomic trigger and is offered at a great price. Spend Less, Drop More!

Sam, Jon and Chris have really put together a top brand in no time and I can’t wait to see what other great products they introduce in the years to come. As one of the most authentic MTB brands out there, I can only imagine how good those products are going to be.

Cheers to you guys!

OneUp Components

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