deuter Streamer Hydration Reservoir

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blue-orange/1.5 litres
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deuter Streamer Hydration Reservoir - blue-orange/3 litres
deuter Streamer Hydration Reservoir - blue-orange/1.5 litres
deuter Streamer Hydration Reservoir - blue-orange/2 litres
deuter Streamer Hydration Reservoir - blue-orange/2 litres
deuter Streamer Hydration Reservoir - blue-orange/2 litres
deuter Streamer Hydration Reservoir - blue-orange/2 litres
deuter Streamer Hydration Reservoir - blue-orange/2 litres
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The Streamer Hydration Reservoir from deuter

The Streamer hydration reservoir can be easily inserted into any deuter hydration system-compatible backpack, letting you take sips and gulps without having to stop riding.
You can purchase the drinking bladder with a volume of two or three litres. The Streamer also features the patented Helix Valve, a leak-proof mouthpiece which opens and locks with a simple twist. Light pressure activates the opening, which offers a pleasantly high level of flow regardless of what position it's in. When you're done, an integrated spring valve closes the mouthpiece automatically. The Streamer Helix Valve can be easily disassembled for cleaning, and the clip-on protective cap keeps dirt away from the mouthpiece during longer trips.
The Streamer hydration reservoir and the Helix Valve are the perfect combination to keep you hydrated while you're on-the-go.

Technical Information:

Dimensions (H x W): 22 cm x 44 cm (1.5 litres), 37 cm x 19 cm (2 litres), 42 cm x 21 cm (3 litres)
Volume: 1.5 litres / 2 litres / 3 litres


- enables regular drinking without having to take a break
- available in two sizes
- leak proof mouthpiece
- suitable for drinking system-compatible backpacks from deuter


Taste Free:
A special coating makes the inner surface of the reservoir and the drinking tube feel smooth as glass. This enables water to be stored in it for days without altering its taste or quality. The molecular properties of the coating make this system very hygienic and easy to keep clean.

Helix Valve with Dirt Guard:
deuter's Helix Valve is a leak-proof mouthpiece whose water-stop lock can be opened by simply turning it. For an unrestricted drinking experience, it opens by applying light pressure, and when the mouthpiece is put down, an integrated spring valve closes it. The Helix Valve mouthpiece can be completely disassembled for thorough cleaning, and the clip-on Dirt Guard keeps coarse dirt away while you're on the move.

Streamer Slider Clip
deuter's Streamer Slider Clip is a solid closure system that opens and closes the hydration reservoir by simply pushing the clip.


- 1 x deuter Streamer hydration reservoir
- 1 x deuter Streamer Helix Valve


  • blue-orange/1.5 litres: 170 g


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  • blue-orange/1.5 litres

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Customer Reviews (27)


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by Luca S.  on 25.04.2020
verified purchase

Entspricht den Vorstellungen. Preis okay

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by Raman P.  on 25.09.2014
verified purchase

Good product, high quality

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by Eduard Z.  on 22.08.2014
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by Steven V.  on 24.02.2014
verified purchase
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Using the hydration pack in combination with the Deuter Exp 12.
Prefer it above the ones I have from Camelback. Much easier to clean and dry as they can be opened from the top allowing you to stick your entire hand in.
Mouth piece is easy to clean, no leackage, even when it's not closed.

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by Sam-Willem L.  on 20.02.2014
verified purchase


I've got it myself and it's simply amazing.
if you are think of buying a waterbag I reccomend you do it. take this one because the
prize is good and the quality is super!

nice one guys

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by Andrei S.  on 02.07.2013
verified purchase

Almost impossible to remove cap from valve using only one hand. So you should stop if you want to drink, or you shouldn\'t use the cap. But in the last case the valve inevitably get dirty.

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