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"We always get a bit giddy when we introduce new brands into our shop. Check them out below and get just as excited as we are!"

Christoph, Product Management


"MKS builds pedals that look very good on any slim steel racing bike. As the only official pedal supplier of Japanese Keirin races, they also know how to build smooth, robust pedals. This is where classic design and state-of-the-art technology come together perfectly."

Björn, Product Management


"Mudguars - this word is actually far too vulgar for the sleek, high-quality and simply stylish fenders by Honjo. Honjo fenders are hard to come by and we are extremely happy to be able to offer them in our shop."

Drew, Marketing


"NITTO is the epitome of hand brazed parts for your bike. My personal highlight is the NITTO CT-2 stem with the original NITTO badge from the days of heroic cyclists who raced and became legends without carbon and technical bells and whistles."

Patrick, Product Management


"From classic Brevet to tubeless and deep V rims, H+SON offers a beautiful selection of high-quality aluminium hoops. Perfect performance for classic racing and touring bikes."

Anne, Product Management


"IZUMI has long made a name for itself as a supplier for well-known drivetrain manufacturers. Their bicycle chains are absolutely reliable and with the unusual colour combinations they are ideal to give your bike an individual touch."

Nils, Product Management

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