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"We always get a bit giddy when we introduce new brands into our shop. Check them out below and get just as excited as we are!"

Christoph, Product Management


"When you put bicycle loving chemists and passionate cyclists together, a brand like MONKEY’S SAUCE is born. Their cycling products are the perfect addition to our assortment."

Anne, Product Management


"If you are looking for special shifters, look no further than microSHIFT. Their high-quality thumb and bar end shifters offer special solutions for you and your bike."

Björn, Product Management


"DEANEASY products are simple and reliable, just what cyclists need. I’m especially impressed with the ABS Fork Tuning kit."

Nils, Product Management


"WEND Wax comes out of the surf, ski and snowboard scene, and they know what’s up with wax. Now, with multi-colour chain wax, you can personalize your drivetrain perfectly."

Patrick, Product Management


"With the SunRace cassettes, we now offer a great alternative to the big brands in our assortment. You don’t even have to sacrifice reliably or weight savings!"

Björn, Product Management

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