Make Winter Yours Tools and Maintenance

"You want to do simple work on your bike yourself, like changing the tyres or adjusting the drivetrain? We'll show you how to do it here. In addition to our how-tos, we will also show you which tools you need as basic equipment if you occasionally want to work on your bike yourself."

Christopher, Customer Service

"You like to work on your bike and are not afraid of more complicated steps? Then you will find the right tips and how-tos for converting to tubeless or for servicing your brake and of course suitable tool recommendations here."

Drew, Marketing

Drivetrain Replacement

"Wheel truing or crank and bottom bracket changes are no big deal for you? Then you know: Good tools are like a good bicycle, everything is easier to handle and great looking tools are always a plus. Next to professional repair tips you will find our professional tool assortment here."

Michael, Workshop

All Tools by Category

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