Review: the All In Multitool

Jan 01. August 2018

Never forget your multi-tool again and store it in your crank axle.

It happens to all of us. While riding, we notice a loose bolt or after a fall, the stem is no longer aligned. However, when we reach in our backpacks for our multi-tool, sometimes there is nothing there. Because many mountain bikers have more than one backpack or don’t use one on their after-work ride, essential gear, like multi-tools, are often forgotten at home.

To address this problem, Giacomo Macoratti developed the All In Multitool. The most innovative feature is how it can be stowed away in most hollow crank axles. This means it is always on the bike without having to think about it. The Multitool follows the trend of system integration, which tries to store all essential gear on the bike itself.

The All In Multitool is small and practical.

It is small and practical.

The tool

The main body is magnetic and can hold up to 6 bits and has a swivelling head that can be turned to get more purchase on whatever is being tightened. A chain master link can also be stored on the tool, except for 12-speed Eagle links. The kidney shape of the Eagle link prevents it from sitting flush with the tool’s body.


6 bits (3,4,5,6 mm hex keys; Torx T25; PH1) + master link mount


113 g


black, blue, green, red, violet, yellow

Of course, conventional bits also fit in the tool, so if your bike needs something special, it can also be used. When working with the All In Multitool, it sits in the hand well and due to its weight has a solid feel. For more accurate jobs, the edge of the base is machined to provide more grip, especially useful when wearing gloves.

The All In Multitool can be used staright.

It can be used straight.

The All In Multitool can be used at an angle.

And also at an angle.

It is easy to work with the All In Multitool.

Working with the tool is easy.


The All In Multitool is simply slid into the hollow axle of the crankset and stays in place due to the integrated magnets. I have mounted the tool into various types of cranks including Shimano XT, SLX, SRAM X01, X01 Eagle as well as Rival 1, and have nothing negative to say.

It stayed put, even when riding gnarly Enduro.

I never had a problem with the All In Multitool falling out of the cranks, even when riding gnarly Enduro. It might fall out after a hard crash on the drive-side, but due to the gold coloured body, it should be easy to find on the trail.

The All In multitool is hard to notice installed in the cranks.

It hides away on my titanium gravel bike.

The magnet on the All In Multitool doesn't bang around.

The magnent doesn't bang around.

The All In multitool stays put even on my Enduro bike.

It stays put even in my Enduro bike.


Overall, the All In Multitool is well made and easy to use. My only complaint would be the bits, which rusted a little. However this can be solved with a light coat of water dispersing spray after cleaning the bike. I really like how quickly the tool can be switched between bikes and everyone who sees it is thoroughly impressed.

Sometimes, I get asked why I use a multi-tool without tyre levers or a chain breaker. To be honest, in the last year that I have used the tool, I have never missed them. When in doubt both can be attached to the frame with a spare tube anyway.

Pros Cons
integrated surface rust
bits included and exchangeable could fall out after intense crash
easy to install no tyre levers, chain breaker
easy to switch between bikes
sleek design
easy to use