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Power Meters

Riding in the optimal range
With a power meter, you always have an overview of the power you are putting out on your bike. Your watt values are taken either from the pedal or the crank and shown on the display of your bike computer. So you always know exactly in what power level you are at the moment, whether your training is effective or whether you are overshooting the target. Being too fast at the beginning of the climb and the subsequent drop in performance are now a thing of the past. With a power meter you have the best opportunity to measure your progress and fatigue on every ride.

Power Meter Brands

Power Meters by Favero

Favero Electronics' high quality power meter pedals, equipped with an integrated rechargeable battery, are ideal for you if you want to ride with a power meter without any hassle. The installation is just as easy as with conventional pedals, which means that conversion is quick. The pedals are also comparatively inexpensive. The ideal introduction to the world of power meters without having to forego useful features.

Power Meter Highlights

Power Meters by Stages

If you are looking for a crank power meters, then look no further than Stages. Stages offers crankarms for the most common cranks for single-sided measurement as well as complete cranksets for double-sided measurement. In addition, Dash head units give you full control over your performance data.

Power Meter Highlights

Power Meters by Garmin

With the Vector 3 power meter pedals and a variety of head units, Garmin offers an extensive range in the field of power measurement. The power meter pedals are available with one-sided measurement as well as with double-sided measurement. The head units have extensive functions that go far beyond the mere display of your performance data and support you optimally in your training.

Power Meter Highlights

Power Meters by SRM

Power meters "Made in Germany" have been available from SRM for 30 years. The pedals and cranks used for power measurement are characterised by their accuracy and reliability. In combination with the matching PowerControl head unit, they are aimed primarily at ambitious Road cyclists.

Power Meter Highlights

Power Meters by QUARQ

You ride your bike with a SRAM drivetrain? Then QUARQ is exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to power meters. Since 2011, the company has been a part of the SRAM group and offers the right cranks with integrated power meters for your Road or Mountain bike.

Power Meter Highlights

Power Meters by Rotor

Rotor has the right system for every biker with the INPower and INSpider power meters. The power measurement of INPower power meter cranks is available in both the single-sided and double-sided versions. The new INSpider power meter spider can be mounted on all modular direct mount Rotor cranks, making it a great upgrade to your existing Rotor crankset.

Power Meter Highlights

Power Meters by Shimano

With the Dura Ace power meter cranks, Shimano also has a power meter in its line-up. As with the other products from the top groupset, the power meter is technically superior and also shines with double-sided measurement, long running time and great integration into the existing crank design.

Power Meter Highlights

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