Return of used batteries for recycling

Batteries (rechargeable & non-rechargeable) should not be disposed into regular domestic waste!

Since the 1st october 1998, it is no longer permitted to dispose used batteries into the consumer waste. This new enactment obligates manufacturers and importers to take back and dispose all used batteries and accumulators. The consumer is bound to turn in his flat batteries in trade or at a local collection point.

Batteries and rechargeable batteries are therefore marked with the symbol of the crossed waste bin which illustrates the prohibition of disposal via the municipal disposal bins, as well as with the chemical symbol of the pollutant for which the limit is exceeded:

  • Hg: entails more than 0.0005 mass percent mercury
  • Cd: entails more than 0.002 mass percent cadmium
  • Pb: entails more than 0.004 mass percent lead

Please dispose batteries and accumulators in trade, in our store or at local collection points for free. In any case: Do not throw these into the domestic waste.

You can return batteries and accumulators, delivered by us, in our store itself or by mail. An adequately stamped package is needed here. We will take care of the forwarding to a professional waste management company.

The obligation to take back is restricted to batteries which the distributor runs or has run in his range of products as well as to the number which a consumer normally disposes.

For information regarding the return of used E-bike batteries, please contact our customer service.

The return and disposal of equipment in accordance with the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG)

Just like batteries, electrical and electronic equipment do not belong in household waste. They are therefore regularly marked with the crossed-out trash bin symbol.
These appliances are disposed of via collection and return systems.
You can hand in your equipment at the collection points of public waste disposal authorities or return it to the collection points set up by manufacturers or distributors in accordance with the ElektroG.
You can find an online directory of collection and return points here: .

Devices with a length of up to 25 cm can be handed in at our store or sent to us in a sufficiently stamped package. We also accept larger devices when purchasing an equivalent device (E-bikes, trainers, etc.). Please contact our customer service team with questions.
Before disposal, batteries (rechargeable & non-rechargeable) should be removed from the appliance and disposed of separately, unless the system is a closed system.

Note on the handling of sensitive personal data:

Please remember in your own interest that each end user is responsible for the deletion of data on the equipment to be disposed of. This is particularly true for information and telecommunications technology devices such as computers and smartphones.

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