Mountain bike or Road bike, we will get you hooked!

We offer a variety of bikes for all terrains and applications. Do you like a full suspension bike or are you more of a hardtail type? Are you a roadie or do you need a city bike to get to work? Do you want to try a fat bike? We are sure we have the right bicycle for you!

Complete bike builds come with the advantage that their parts really match well together. You do not have to worry about if the suspension fork is made for the terrain you plan to ride, or if the ridged fork has the correct height. You just pick one and it gets sent to you almost ready to ride. All the fine adjustments, like on the rear derailleur and brakes, have been made by an attentive mechanic. You only have to unpack your new bike, adjust your handlebars, bolt on your pedals and then you can ride.

Of course, before you take your first tour, make sure to check seatpost height, handlebar placement, and the suspension to make sure it fits you and your body size and weight. You can find air suspension pumps here.