The bicycle: so simple and so versatile. For some, the two-wheeler is a useful helper to get from A to B in everyday life – others use their bike to escape from everyday life and clear their heads. Read More Here
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Sport, mobility, fun and adventure – we at bc are passionate about all facets of cycling and reflect our passion in our product range. The big advantage of buying a bike online is that you can quickly get an overview of the entire range and find a bike to suit your needs. Below you will find some tips on how to narrow down the selection and find your new bike. Read further and discover more.

Buying a bike made easy

To find the right bike in our online shop, you should answer a few questions. Probably the most important is the intended use and therefore the type of your new bike. For all of them, size and ergonomic details determine how comfortable you will feel while riding. The frame material and the equipment influence riding characteristics, weight, aesthetics and are reflected not least in the price. With the help of our shop filters, you can narrow down the selection precisely to your needs. With our top brands Specialized, Commencal, Scott, Cannondale, Propulsion, Early Rider, Focus and others you will find your dream bike. If you are unsure about your decision, just contact us directly. Our service staff will be happy to help you with their expertise. For specific wants, we can offer to build you a completely custom bike, using for example exclusive frames from RAAW, OPEN, Factor or Nicolai as a base.

What types of bikes are out there?

A lightweight bike for the city differs significantly from an e-bike for off-road use (e-MTB). If you know which type of bike is right for you or what you want to do with it, you are already a significant step closer to your new bike. You can browse here or go directly to the categories. There we further differentiate the bikes into subcategories.
A brief overview:

Bike sizes and wheel sizes

In order for you to sit comfortably and get maximum enjoyment from your bike, it should be the right size. A distinction is made between the size of the frame and the wheel size. Whether your bike rolls on 28 or 29 inches, it’s less a question of your height than of the intended use as well as your personal preferences. Smaller bikes are lighter, more stable and often wider tyres can be fitted. Tyres with a larger diameter, on the other hand, roll better. For particularly short people, smaller bikes are often the better choice so that the bike remains manageable and the saddle does not collide with the rear tyre. For children, a 14-, 16-, 20- or 24-inch bicycle is therefore a good choice. Adolescents can also ride 26 or 27.5 bikes. Most adult bicycles are equipped with 27.5 or 28 inch wheels, although mountain bikes are referred to as 29 inch because of the larger tyre volume (the rims have the same diameter as 28 inch wheels).

The actual size of bicycles refers to the frame geometry. It determines the range in which you can adjust the saddle height (frame height), how you sit (and stand) on the bike and how long the bike is overall – in short: how well a bike fits you. Sizes from XS to XL can be taken as a rough guide. You can usually find more precise recommendations in model-specific size charts. The right size is the starting point for fine-tuning your way to the perfect fit. Our blog describes how you can optimally adjust your new bike to suit you: Ergonomics 101 – Making Adjustments to Your Bike

Our filters can help you choose the frame size and wheel size.

Bikes made of carbon, aluminium and steel

Materials are often the subject of heated discussions among cyclists, specifically frame materials when it comes to complete bikes. The usual materials differ in price, aesthetics and other factors, and all have their advantages. Carbon frames can be constructed to be particularly light, aerodynamic and stiff, making them very popular with athletes. Bicycles made of aluminium are usually cheaper, but can also be surprisingly light, and it’s a popular material for all types of bicycles. Frames made of steel are particularly durable and deliver a pleasant ride if the tubing has the appropriate dimensions. Steel is great for touring or bikepacking, but it’s also a good choice for other types bikes. When you examine the details more closely, there are even more differences between the materials. It is important to note that you cannot judge the quality of a bike by the material alone, as they are all suitable for high-end bikes. If you already know what material your new bike should be made of, then you can simply use our shop filter to narrow down the selection.

Equipment on bikes

A bicycle consists of many individual parts that have a great influence on how well it is suited for you. Check the product description and the data sheet to see which components are installed and whether they meet your requirements. Some add-on parts are relatively easy to change yourself if they don't fit perfectly or you want to upgrade, such as tyres, saddles or handlebar grips. Other components are more difficult to convert. If you buy a sporty gravel bike and later want to install a dynamo hub for travel or everyday use, the entire front wheel must be replaced or re-spoked. In such cases, you should pay more attention to some components than others. If you have very specific ideas about how your new bike should be equipped, then we can also put together and build a custom bike for you.

Suspension on the bike

Suspension is a big issue for mountain bikes, but bikes for daily city life or touring can also benefit from it. With a suspension fork or even a full-suspension bike, you are more comfortable and safer on the road. Our shop filters allow you to select bikes specifically according to suspension travel.

Bikes for women or for men

Bicycles for women and men are no longer so strictly differentiated. Size is a better determinant of whether a bike fits you or not. When it comes to equipment, the saddle can play an important role. If the factory-installed one does not suit your anatomy, you can simply exchange it for another one yourself.


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