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Are you looking for a bike for touring and daily use? City and touring e-bikes make it easier to get to work, university or the shops and help you avoid searching for a parking space or getting stuck in traffic. Thanks to the motor assistance, even longer distances and climbs are no problem. Read More Here
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Touring-E-bikes are just as suitable for weekend tours or holiday excursions. To help you find the right pedelec for you in our range, we have put together a few tips below on what you should bear in mind when buying a new touring e-bike.

An e-bike for everyday and leisure use

What makes touring e-bikes so versatile and practical? The motor assistance gives you range and makes trips easier, and you can choose the level of support you get. Equipment such as fenders and lighting ensures that you are also ready for bad weather and darkness in daily life. With the help of a pannier rack or basket, you can easily transport luggage for excursions, shopping trips or important items for work. There's something for everyone in our selection of high-quality e-bikes from Specialized, Focus and other top brands.

Small differences in e-bikes for city and off-road use

The transition from touring e-bikes to city e-bikes is fluid. City bikes often have a more upright riding position, while touring bikes can have a sportier feel. Most of these bikes are universal, but there are subtle differences. Urban e-bikes have tyres that are optimised for riding across asphalt and pavement, their batteries are often somewhat smaller and the motors are smoother to operate. Models with hub gears and belt drives instead of chains are particularly low-maintenance, and some already come with a practical basket. If you also want to use the e-bike for tours, then a touring bike is the right choice. Outfitted with wide tyres with a light amount of tread, this type of bike still feels comfortable even on gravel paths. Some touring pedelecs have suspension, which increases comfort and safety. Large batteries and more powerful motors provide range on excursions and torque on hills. SUV e-bikes – a mix of a touring and mountain bike – are even more suitable for off-road use: They combine the drive power, geometry, off-road tyres and suspension of an e-MTB with the everyday features of a touring bike.

E-bike batteries and motors

Most e-bikes come with an integrated battery. The decisive factor for the range is the capacity, which is given in watt hours (Wh). For touring e-bikes, batteries with 625 or 750 Wh are common. The requirements are very different for different classes. Bikes with dual batteries are ideal if you regularly ride long routes with hills. If you only ride short journeys and can easily recharge, then a lightweight city e-bike with a smaller battery is a good choice – 500 Wh or less is usually sufficient. The range of lighter e-bikes is growing steadily.

However, the range does not only depend on the battery capacity, but also on the power of the motor, the load and the level of assistance you choose.

Touring e-bikes for men and women

A distinction between electric bicycles for men and women is not really necessary, since the more important thing is finding the right size. As on other bicycles, a saddle optimised for female anatomy can be fitted to a touring e-bike for women. Low-entry bikes – i.e. bikes with a lowered frame – can make it easier for both women and men to get on and off the bike. This can be especially practical if you’re carrying large bags on the rack.

The e-touring bike in the right size

The only fun bike is the one that suits you. Our shop filter is a good starting point for you to find a touring e-bike in the right size. Be sure to also check size charts or recommendations from manufacturers. If you are still uncertain, we will be happy to personally advise you.



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