Tools & Maintenance


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Your workshop: A day spa for your bike.

Riding is a ton of fun. Those who ride often and require much from their bicycles also need to maintain them. Maintenance is just as important as the riding itself. Repairing your bike lets you get to know your bike better and you are better suited to help yourself in an emergency. It is also easier to repair at home instead of having to take it to the nearest bike shop. The Tools & Maintenance category has all the tools you need to repair your bike by yourself. From chain whips to rubber hammers, we have it all.

You do not have the experience to repair your bike? Not a problem, we also have books that explain every possible repair. That way you can learn with your bike.

You can do easy repairs like patching a tire, bleeding brakes, and drivetrain maintenance? You only need the tools? In this category, you can find all the needed tools and greases.

When you have figured out the small stuff, you can begin to trust yourself with repairs that are more difficult. Maybe you need a truing stand, a thread cutter or another special tool. We offer everything you need from torque wrenches to frame alignment tools. For more in depth repairs we also have work stands and complete tool kits.