For years, SRAM has been shining as one of the top innovators for MTB, City & Touring, and Road bikes. This includes the first 12-speed Eagle MTB drivetrain and the first wireless electronic groupset Red eTap. On our SRAM page you can find other top selling MTB products from 11-speed drivetrains and SRAM groupsets like the GX, XX1, or XX01, to SRAM Guide and Level brakes. You can also find Road groupsets like Red, Force, Rival and Apex. No matter what you ride, SRAM has the right components for your bicycle.

Top-selling: SRAM Drivetrain Components Top-selling: SRAM Drivetrain Components

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SRAM was founded in Chicago in 1987 and is an acronym for the first names of the founders Scott, Ray, and Sam. Sam Day is still CEOSRAM started with 6 employees in a Chicago office on Carol street. When SRAM started, their competition already had a market share of 85 %. Despite the huge gap, SRAM fought for a place on the market. Alone, fighting an 85 % market share difference speaks for itself. SRAM’s original goal was to find a way to shift with a flick of the wrist. Then, GripShift was born and shifting was revolutionized. From here, an international business was started that includes the companies AvidRockShoxTruvativ, and Zipp. Today, SRAM offers various components including drivetrainswheels, and the needed small parts. The entire company is made up of 2700 employees in 20 different locations. Interestingly enough, a lot of the R&D is now done in Schweinfurt, Germany.

SRAM places more importance on innovation than growth. Almost every employee is an avid cyclist and SRAM’s new products, like 1x12 Eagle drivetrains, influenced the bicycle market heavily. SRAM has once again reinvented shifting.

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