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No mountain too high, no path too far – the e-mountain bike awakens the potential in you! Thanks to electric pedal assist, you can reach far-flung trails with ease, find flow on the ascent or still have power for a second lap afterwards. Read More Here
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In our shop you will find E-MTBs with different suspension travel classes and different motor power levels. We explain what you should look out for so that you can find your dream bike. 

E-MTBs for All Occasions

The pedal assistance from an e-bike, combined with a mountain bike chassis and off-road tyres, makes the e-MTB a fun enhancer. To find the right bike for you, you should consider some aspects that you may already know from MTBs: Purpose, suspension, components, size and geometry, for example. There is also the question of drivetrain and battery: do you want maximum power and range or just a little support but a lightweight electric mountain bike? There's something for everyone in our hand-picked selection of fun bikes from Focus, Specialized, Scott, Yeti Cycles and other top brands.

Full-Suspension E-bikes

E-bikes are also available as hardtails (front suspension only), but full-suspension bikes are much more common here. What you choose is a matter of your tastes and purpose. The rougher the terrain, the more the advantages an electric mountain bike has. The suspension fork and shock together provide comfort, safety and a higher amount of grip in all situations. All-mountain and trail e-bikes are fairly universal with around 130 to 160 millimetres of suspension travel. An Enduro e-bike with 150 to 170 millimetres is the right choice if you want to let it rip. In the shop you can filter by your discipline and/or suspension travel to quickly narrow down the selection.

Another tip: In order to use the full potential of your E-MTB, you should adjust the suspension to your weight and riding style. 

The E-Mountain Bike Motor

The motor is the heart of the e-MTB. Most e-mountain bikes have a mid-mounted motor, which is correspondingly more powerful than a city or touring e-bike. The centre of gravity here is centrally located in the frame, which has advantages in terms of riding dynamics and the function of the suspension. The (rated duration) power of an e-bike is specified by law and is very similar for almost all drivetrains. Torque and assistance levels from the motor, on the other hand, are important features that determine the character of the bike, but the steering should not be underestimated either. In addition to the different levels of assistance, e-MTB motors usually have a mode that dynamically adapts the motor’s power to the riding situation. This way the bike always feels balanced.
If you’ve already researched e-bike motors and know which one you want, then the designated shop filter will help you.

The Battery Provides Range on the E-MTB

How far you can ride your e-mountain bike depends largely on the capacity of the battery, but also on the selected assistance level, the route profile, the payload as well as other factors. Some tests additionally speak of "reach height,” and the same rules apply here. The capacity of the batteries, which are usually integrated into the frame, is given in watt-hours (Wh). The larger the number, the greater the maximum achievable range. The smaller, the lighter the battery and thus the entire bike. There are now lightweight e-MTBs with batteries under 500 Wh and lightweight motors that are almost as agile as an unmotorised mountain bike. In terms of the relationship between torque, battery capacity and weight, it can be said that more of one usually means more of the other. No matter whether you prefer a lot of power and range or whether your new e-MTB should be as light and agile as possible, our “Battery Power" filter helps narrow down your selection.

Size and Geometry of E-Mountain Bikes

Besides the tyres, suspension and other equipment, the geometry is the biggest difference between e-MTBs and other e-bikes. It has a strong influence on the handling as well as the character of a bike. A good geometry affords you safety and fun off-road, so it’s important to find a size that suits you. You can use our filter to get closer to finding the right size, and we also recommend that you look very closely at the description, size chart or manufacturer's instructions.

E-Mountain Bikes for Men and Women

A distinction is rarely made between e-MTBs for women and men, yet finding the right size is a decisive factor. Ergonomically important components, such as the saddle, are specially optimised for the female anatomy. However, such parts can be retrofitted to any bike with relatively little effort.

Equipped for Off-Road and Everyday Use: The SUV E-bike

As a hybrid between an e-mountain bike and a touring e-bike, a so-called SUV e-bike is a good choice if you are looking for a bike that is suitable for everyday and off-road use. It combines the tyres, geometry and suspension of a mountain bike with the everyday equipment (mudguards, lighting and rear pannier rack of a touring bike.


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