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Road groupsets are the heart of every racing bike

Do you just want a stock bike or would you rather build your new racing machine according to your own ideas? Do you value maximum shifting performance? Then a road bike drivetrain or groupset with disc brakes or rim brakes is exactly what you are looking for. No matter what your budget is, here you will find Campagnolo, SRAM and Shimano groupsets with disc brakes for beginners, ambitious hobby cyclists and professionals at a fair price.

The right Road bike groupset for your bike

When you build a new bike, all components must mesh smoothly just like cogs in a machine. A complete Road bike groupset consisting of shift/brake levers, front derailleur, rear derailleur, hydraulic disc brakes or V-brakes, chain, crank and cassette is the ideal solution as the components are 100 percent compatible and work reliably. Which of the numerous groupsets is the right one for you depends on your personal demands, because the differences are immense. The major manufacturers Shimano, Campagnolo and SRAM have a whole range of complete groupsets in their range. The variety ranges from very robust but heavy entry-level models to mid-range groupsets with an excellent price/performance ratio to feather-light high-tech groupsets, which are mainly made of carbon and titanium but are correspondingly expensive. The "Ultegra" and "Dura-Ace" groupsets as well as the eTap drivetrain are available as a complete electronic groupset with disc brakes. The following table gives you a rough guide to which Road bike groupset is the right one for you.

Overview of the different Campagnolo, SRAM and Shimano groupsets

  • Beginner cyclists:
    Campagnolo: Veloce, Centaur
    SRAM: Apex, Apex 1
    Shimano: Claris, Sora, Tiagra, 105
  • Hobby athletes:
    Campagnolo: Potenza, Chorus, Chorus EPS
    SRAM: Rival, Rival 1, Force, Force 1
    Shimano: 105, Ultegra, Ultegra Di2
  • Semi Pro & Pros:
    Campagnolo: Record, Record EPS, Super Record, Super Record EPS
    SRAM: Red, Red eTap
    Shimano: Dura-Ace, Dura-Ace Di2

Note: For some groupsets only the brake calipers are included in the scope of delivery. The suitable brake rotors for the respective Road bike groupset are also available in our shop in the category Brakes.

Tip: Also middle class groups like Shimano's "Ultegra" or Campagnolo's "Chorus EPS" are available with electronic shifting. So you can enjoy the electronic shifting comfort without high-maintenance cables, even on a smaller budget.

What are the advantages of a Road bike drivetrain or groupset with disc brakes?

That disc brakes will prevail over rim brakes in the long term, even on Road bikes, is something that most of those knowledgeable about the cycling world are certain of. In more and more UCI races riders are now using disc brakes. And there is one main reason for this: the braking performance is significantly better both in dry and especially in wet conditions. And so it's a fact that some entry-level bikes with Shimano 105 groupsets and disc brakes have better braking performance than many bikes with Dura-Ace groupsets, high-tech carbon wheels and rim brakes. In addition, the use of disc brakes in a Road bike groupset allows the use of wider tyres for greater riding comfort. The elimination of the brake track also makes it easier for the engineers to optimise wheelsets. One of the most important arguments, especially for hobby riders, is the lack of wheel wear.

Advantages of electronic Road bike groupsets

The electronic versions of the SRAM Red groupsets and the corresponding groupsets of Shimano and Campagnolo have several advantages over a mechanical groupset. After all, electronic shifting are prone to less errors, as there are no mechanical components and no Bowden cables, which lengthen, get dirty and wear out over time. Every cyclist who has ever had to adjust the drivetrain with a screwdriver knows these problems. Thanks to the optimal adjustment by electronics, this repetitive work is a thing of the past. But the fact that the drivetrain never rattles or grinds again is only one advantage. In addition to the low maintenance, the shifting comfort is also improved, as shifting even under full load and in extreme weather conditions is simply a matter of lightly tapping the shifter. In return, however, you have to dig a lot deeper into your pocket for an electronic SRAM Road bike groupset.

The most important facts about Road bike drivetrains and groupsets

  • Here you can find groupsets for every purpose.
  • A mid-priced Road bike with disc brakes is an ideal compromise between performance, price and weight.
  • Shimano 105 groupsets with disc brakes can easily compete in terms of braking performance with higher quality bikes with rim brakes.


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