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Our Handlebar Grip Highlights

Handlebar grips come in a wide variety of shapes and types. With the help of our filters, you will find the right grips to suit your personal preferences in no time at all. To do this, simply enter the values that suit you best to limit the number of handlebar grips displayed.

Grips with inner clamp

I like relatively thin classic round grips that still provide good damping so that the hands and wrists don't tire so quickly on long descents. My favourites are the Santa Cruz Palmdale and the DMR Death Grip.
Since I usually ride without gloves, grips wear out quite quickly. That is why the durability of the material is important to me. In addition, the grip must be easy to hold without gloves and should have the right circumference for the individual hand size. The DMR Brendog Death Grip has long proved its worth to me in this respect.
Christoph, Product Management

Grips with outer clamp

Grips with dual-sided clamp

Grips without clamp

Comfort grips

Handlebar grips for twist shifter

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