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Does your bike take you and your notebook from A to B? Would you like to go on tours, stay overnight in new places and have everything you need with you? Depending on the type of bike, application and personal preference, you have the choice between many special bike bags, panniers and backpacks. Read More Here
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Backpacks, bags and panniers

Does your bike take you and your notebook from A to B? Would you like to go on tours, stay overnight in new places and have everything you need with you? Depending on the type of bike, application and personal preference, you have the choice between many special bike bags, panniers and backpacks.

Bicycle bags and panniers

Bicycle bags and panniers are available in a wide variety of designs. Whether for bikepacking or for everyday use, for mounting on the frame, handlebars or pannier rack, for city bikes, gravel bikes or MTBs - the variety is almost limitless. Which bags or panniers are best for you depends primarily on the intended use. The bicycle type and available mounting options are also decisive factors. Everything taken together determines which type of bag or pannier is perfect for you and which size you need. You can use the filter function to easily narrow down your search depending on the type (mounting type) and volume of the bag or pannier.

Bags for bikepacking, cycle touring and everyday life

Handlebar bags, frame bags, fork bags and larger saddle bags are ideal for bikepacking. They offer storage space for tools, spare parts, essential clothing, food and, if necessary, a sleeping bag, sleeping mat and tent. With frame and handlebar bags, always consider the size of your bike frame or the width of your handlebars, as you need to make sure that the bag fits and is not too big, especially with small frames or narrow (road bike) handlebars. In this blog article you will find tips on how to use and organise your bikepacking bags.

If you are planning a cycle tour on a touring bike or are looking for bags to transport your shopping on a day-to-day basis, then classic panniers make sense. They offer plenty of storage space and are usually quick and easy to remove thanks to a click system. They can be supplemented with two smaller bags on the front rack.

Smaller bags for the essentials

Smaller saddle bags are super practical for your after-work ride, where you only want to take the bare essentials such as an inner tube, tyre levers, a CO2 cartridge and a pump. You can attach them to the saddle either with a click system or with hook-and-loop straps. Some bags have an additional attachment option on the seatpost.

Top tube bags are always ideal if you want to have quick access to your food, smartphone or wallet. They are particularly popular for triathlons, bikepacking and bike marathons. Many have cable openings at the front. If you have mounted your mobile phone on the cockpit, you can charge it via a power bank stowed in the top tube bag. The top tube bag is usually attached using hook-and-loop straps. However, if there are mounting points on the top tube, you can also bolt on the corresponding bags.

Cycling backpacks ...

If you prefer to carry your luggage on your back, a special cycling backpack makes sense. Compared to your normal rucksack, it is tailored to your body posture and movements when cycling, especially on the shoulder and hip straps. This ensures safety through a good fit. Speaking of fit: Before buying, think carefully about what items you want to carry and choose the volume of your backpack accordingly! Neither a constantly overloaded backpack, which bulges and presses against your spine, nor an overly large, constantly empty backpack, which makes your back sweat unnecessarily, are satisfactory in the long term.

1. for mountain biking,
When mountain biking, a backpack with a protector in the back area can offer welcome protection. There are different protector concepts, different sizes and fits. To shed some light on the subject, our blog article will give you tips to help you find the right protector backpack. The combination with a hydration bladder, a so-called hydration pack, is particularly practical on long rides to ensure that you have enough liquid with you. There are also special e-bike backpacks that have a compartment or holding device for a spare battery.

2. for road cycling,
If you are looking for a special road cycling backpack, you should look for a narrow, streamlined model to be as aerodynamic as possible during your ride. Here, too, you have the option of choosing a backpack with a hydration bladder.

3. and for everyday cycling.
Of course, backpacks can also be used across all disciplines. It is important that you think about what the main application will be and which backpack features are particularly important to you. Everyday backpacks offer padded laptop compartments as well as organisers for office utensils, water bottles, glasses and the like.

Water? Water-proof!

If you ride no matter what the weather is like and want to play it safe in the rain, then a completely waterproof backpack is your best friend. Alternatively, use a rain cover to better protect your backpack from the rain!

Hip bags for cycling

Hip bags are a good way to pack the most important spare parts and, if necessary, a little more water on your after-work ride. With the appropriate volume, you can also fit a windbreaker, a hat, some snacks and a small camera. This means you are well equipped in case you don't want to carry a backpack or mount a saddle bag on your bike.

Bike bag or pannier and backpack in one

If you are looking for a combination of pannier and backpack, some manufacturers offer elegant solutions that turn your pannier into a backpack, for example - or vice versa. This is particularly useful for shopping or commuting to work every day.


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