Bike socks protect your feet from friction and are made of breathable materials that wick away moisture. Depending on the season, you can opt for thick or thin cycling socks. There are also different socks for different applications such as road biking or mountain biking. Use our filters to find the ideal cycling socks for your sport. Read further and discover more.

The Most Important Features of Cycling Socks

Cycling socks from manufacturers such as GripGrab, Giro, POC, Endura, Assos or Loose Riders are usually made of a blend of polyamide, nylon and elastane. Merino wool is also a very popular material. The composition and weave, as well as a reinforced toe and heel area, ensure a good, comfortable fit. Bike socks are also characterised by the fact that they are seamless or feature just a few very flat seams, which ensure that nothing chafes on your feet.


Road Cycling Socks

For road cyclists, it's not just the bike that has to be as light as possible. Equipment such as helmets, shoes, apparel – including socks – should fit as snug as possible and weigh very little. Aero socks, which are also worn by professional athletes, even have woven-in ventilation channels to improve aerodynamics. Furthermore, in addition to the aerodynamic fit, road cycling socks usually feature areas of fabric with a slight amount of compression, such as around the midfoot and/or in the toe and heel area. This stabilises your feet while pedalling and ensures comfort.


Road Cycling Socks: What's the Deal with Height?

The Union Cycliste International (UCI) has specific requirements when it comes to the length of socks for professional cyclists ("socks and shoe covers must not exceed half the distance between the ankle and the centre of the head of the fibula in competition"). The reason for this is that taller socks deliver an increased aerodynamic advantage compared to exposed skin. Whether you want to eke out a few more watts by wearing long cycling socks or if you prefer wearing cycling socks with a medium or short height , we have the right socks for your next road cycling tour.


MTB Socks

If you like to ride your mountain bike, you know that the going often gets rough and dirty. Accordingly, mountain biking socks are somewhat more durable and thicker. They also differ in length from road cycling socks, as the increased length protects your legs from brush and stones on fast descents. Since you move a lot more on a mountain bike than on a road bike, cycling socks for mountain bikers usually have a reinforced sole to further support feet. Just like other cycling socks, the material wicks away moisture to keep you more comfortable.


Cycling Socks for Every Season

When you get on your bike on a warm summer day, very light bike socks made of particularly breathable materials are ideal for making sure you don't work up a sweat. Bike socks are also available in sneaker versions, in case you don't like to feel fabric on your ankles and calves on hot days. Use our search filters to find cycling socks for all seasons. Tip: For cool summer mornings, windy descents and wet tours, toe warmers or shoe covers make for good additional layers.

Braving the Cold – Bike Socks for the Winter

When it's cold, raining and snowing, warm or insulating cycling socks are ideal for keeping your feet warm and dry even on longer rides. Merino cycling socks made from particularly soft sheep's wool, for example, provide long-lasting warmth, quickly wick away moisture and inhibit odours. Cycling socks that have Thermolite or Primaloft fibres provide you with an insulating layer of warm air to keep your feet warm thanks to their hollow chambers. We also offer cycling socks for winter, which also have a waterproof, breathable membrane.

It’s All a Matter of Taste – Cycling Socks in All Colours

Especially in the road cycling sector, there are people who make up "rules" about sock colours and supposedly follow them. It doesn't matter if you only wear white socks for road cycling or if you want to up your "sock game" (as cyclists call it) with colourful cycling socks – you can find cycling socks of all colours here.

Do Cycling Socks Differ for Women and Men?

There are manufacturers who label some of their cycling socks specifically for women. However, there is no real difference, neither in terms of colour nor in size. It is important that the cycling socks fit you like a glove, that they suit your taste and are comfortable to wear.


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